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June 2, 2024 - Art

“Kimberly-Ann: Photographer”: Digital photography: No size: 2018: Kitty McGinnis (photographer) Kimberly-Ann (editor)

Port Hueneme, CA
Age 69

What keeps you excited in the studio?
All of the different opportunities and materials/mediums I have access to

Looking back at your trajectory as an artist, how would you say your work has developed?
I have never stopped studying art processes: I continually sign up for classes that are out of my current area of knowledge/technique in order to broaden my scope of work or to perfect a current technique.

What role do you think the artist has in today’s society?
As art is multi-faceted and artists all speak in different creative manners/disciplines/mediums/techniques; we all have different roles. Some of us focus on political justice, others human rights, some on environmental issues. Personally my photography focuses on beauty in everyday life & objects, however, much of my current work both on & off canvas focuses on encouraging healing of the feminine by helping other women & teenagers find their artistic voices through art of their own.

What’s the most important advice you could give to an aspiring artist?
Do not give up: Art is subjective, not everyone is going to like your work… Learn from constructive critique, keep making art, keep learning, moving forward, & don’t be afraid to try something new..

Does age matter in art? Why or why not?
Only in the sense of knowledge/skill/technique; I’m talking about the differences between a child and those in their teen-older years. I’ve seen amazing work from teenagers just as I have seen not-so-amazing work from adult artists. Many younger people have what one might call a “natural eye” or intrinsic knowledge of composition, color, and technique while others, no matter their age, do not. For myself, age is not always an indicator or measurement of artistic talent

What can we look forward to from you next?
More artwork, exploring new subjects & techniques, that may serve as an example to other women with the desire to heal & find their inner power by creating art as well. Thankfully this is now possible as I am working with a group of female artists, who have a broader scope of world vision of what it is to be creative & powerful as a female.

Is there anything else you would like to share about being an artist later in life?
Follow your inspiration and don’t give up. Many times life’s responsibilities have precluded our artistic tendencies and we have given up hope of following our creative visions. I believe now that we are older and, hopefully, have more time for ourselves, that we can once again be bold/courageous enough to take up our artistic vision where we left off and move forward creating the works of art that have so long shut out of our lives.


“Uniquely Genuine”: Mixed media: 16 inches: 2024: Kimberly-Ann

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