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September 12, 2023 - Art



September 12, 2023

Grace Ebert

a hot pink cacti light hangs over spiky wood table with green bowls on top

All photos by Pepe Molina, © Mestiz, shared with permission

Wander into the new Mestiz space in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and you’ll encounter suspended cacti lights made of hot pink wicker, wooden tables shaped like spiky fauna, and wool rugs evocative of mythical animals. Founded by architect and designer Daniel Valero in 2015, the studio is known for collaborating with local artisans and makers to create functional home goods and decorative objects that capture the vibrancy and textures of the surrounding environment. Valero’s pieces reflect the traditions of local craftspeople, and he focuses on using “the same tools they have always used to create new things,” he said in an interview.

Mestiz’s most recent designs include a cherimoya chair, which has dried palm fringe and gouged feet that mimic the fruit’s surface. Follow the latest projects, and take a tour of the new workspace on the studio’s Instagram.


an orange wicker work stands in front of a green cacti chest with a pink pendant light on the right

a chair with gouged green legs and a wicker and fringed back

a glimpse into the studio with a variety of vibrantly colored furniture pieces and home goods

a wool rug shaped like a fish hangs on the wall with a pink cacti pendant light overhead

a pink cacti pendant light hangs over a chair with fringe on the sides and wood feet. Part of a fish rug hangs on the wall to the right

a green cabinet with spiky edges

a designer holds a wicker form while surrounded by other wicker objects

Valero in the studio



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