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June 27, 2024 - Art

Michele Morgan
Indio, CA 92203
Age 71 and having fun! This years motto!

What keeps you excited in the studio?
Knowing each day that I can create, whether it might be a good, bad or ugly painting…I love to paint! I know that when I step away from it all and come back…it thrills me. I will never stop!

Looking back at your trajectory as an artist, how would you say your work has developed?
I am almost self-taught. I took a few classes in high school and miscellaneous classes in college. I have been taking recent online classes such as Art2Life which helped me excel to a different level steadfast. I have always painted but it is amazing that you can get better if you just keep at it, research and keep playing. I feel that I’m on my way to the big times, not quite their yet but my work is getting better in design and technique I have found it. I keep playing and am surprised how I had no idea how the piece got started. I just give it up!

What role do you think the artist has in today’s society?
“Us Old Folk Rock!” We’ve seen a lot, done a lot and lived a lot! Therefore, we can truly say something now.

What’s the most important advice you could give to an aspiring artist?
Create every day! If you can’t find time, stay up later. You’ll be so happy when you put your head down and grind it out. Besides if you are like most artists, you are just happier that most that have zero hobbies. At least you can say, I’m working on it and I love it! Take course, go to school, get a degree in art if you can. I wish I had as I would be so much further ahead…no worries…I’m catching up!

Does age matter in art? Why or why not?
No! Absolutely not! I told my son that I was going to be like “Grandma Moses” a long time ago and he told me, “Don’t make that a self-full-filled prophecy.” I can call myself “Grandma Morgan” and it won’t matter to me because I have a vision that no one else has. I have my own vision. I reiterate, “We know more, lived more, laughed more, went through more hell and also made more love. Being a grandmother is the best thing in life and then there is art!
I’ve got it all!

What can we look forward to from you next?
Bigger art! I have a new home and I’ve opened up a wall to place some larger works on. I’m excited! My studio has numerous boxes of paintings underneath a table ready to go out to shows.

Is there anything else you would like to share about being an artist later in life?
I don’t have to look for anything else! No expensive vacations (although I will be making enough money soon), no fancy car (I’ll have that too), etc. I have the best man, family and my art. Life is just good!


BIG RED, Acrylic on Board, 24×24 (framed 25×25) 2024, MicheleMorganArt

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