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September 24, 2023 - Art


#Philip Kupferschmidt

September 22, 2023

Grace Ebert

drippy vessels in myriad colors rest on a wooden table

All images © Philip Kupferschmidt, shared with permission

From his studio in Chino, California, Philip Kupferschmidt (previously) fashions cavernous ceramic vessels that drip and ooze with vibrant glazes. After throwing a piece on the wheel, the artist warps, stretches, and crushes the walls of a vase or pot that he later covers with thick droplets or chunky globs. Many of the sculptures appear to slouch under the weight of the liquid, their sides folded and creased into skewed shapes.

Kupferschmidt has been creating drip-covered works for several years and recently began a series of Supergloops, vessels with more pigments and material variances than his typical one- or two-toned works. “I’m exploring interactions of color and texture that overall, hope to give impressions of otherworldly environments if one were shrunk down and navigating the confined spaces of the vessels, kind of like in the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” he says. “Additionally, I’m channeling my love/awe of nature, frustration with man-made natural disasters, and memories of my 90’s childhood into this work.”

If you’re in Los Angeles, you can see Kupferschmidt’s works as part of a group show opening September 28 at Tappan Collective. The artist plans to release pieces in his shop later this fall, so follow him on Instagram for news about that drop.


four images each of a colorful vessel with gloopy drips and a warped shape

ceramic vessels in myriad colors rest on a table, all with thick drips on the surfaces

a detail of the inside of a vessel with speckled walls, gloopy drips, and puddles

six tall vessels stand on a wood table, each with drips covering its surface

a detail of a vessel with polka dotted patches, crackled insides, and drips

three jars with drips

several vase-like vessels stand on a table, each is covered in colorful drips


#Philip Kupferschmidt


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