The Glowing, Prismatic Nervous System of a Sea Star Wins the Scientific Image of the Year — Colossal

August 14, 2023 - Art



August 14, 2023

Grace Ebert

A prismatic starfish structure with spindly tendrils growing from its sides

Laurent Formery, U.S., the nervous system of a juvenile sea star. All images courtesy of Evident

Science meets psychedelic color in the 2022 Evident Image of the Year awards. From the vibrant, feather-like crystals of a topical medicine to the shimmering scales of a Urania ripheus moth, the winning works unveil a slew of vibrant, microscopic wonders found around the world. This year’s top image comes from molecular biologist Laurent Formery, who documented the spindly, spiky nervous system of a young sea star. Reaching approximately one centimeter wide, the minuscule specimen glows with kaleidoscopic hues under a color-coded Z-projection.

The award, which focuses on scientific imaging and light microscopy, garnered 640 submissions from 38 countries. Find out more about the winning images and see the honorable mentions on Evident. (via PetaPixel)


A lush flower-like crystal in psychedelic color

Shyam Rathod, India, the crystal of a topical medicine used to treat warts

A spiky puff appears to float on the top right with coral like filaments on the bottom

Igor Siwanowicz, U.S., depth color-coded projection capturing a morning glory pollen grain as it germinates

A field of delicate rolls of color

Javier Ruperez, Spain, Urania ripheus moth wing scales

A cluster of green modules around a shimmering stem

Jiao Li, China, edelweiss stamens



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