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October 26, 2023 - Art


#Nikolas Bentel

October 26, 2023

Kate Mothes

A purse designed to hold exactly one slice of pizza.

Pizza Bag

Who needs the whole pizza when a single slice can look this nice? Nikolas Bentel (previously) thinks it’s time to level up the way you take home your pie—or hot dog, soda, or pasta, for that matter. A series of fashion accessories and homewares reimagine recognizable items like electrical cables or picnic blanket carriers into objects so hyper-practical that they nearly break the rules of functionality altogether.

Akin to Nicole McLaughlin’s clever apparel or art collective MSCHF’s cartoonish accessories, Bentel’s pieces are designed to accomplish exactly one job. Sling a single bottle of cola in a pair of buckled straps, and off you go.

See more of the artist’s work on his website, where he sells pieces in his shop, and get updates on Instagram and TikTok. You might also enjoy this leather bag by Tsuchiya Kaban designed to hold precisely one watermelon.


A tiny carrier with two buckles, pictured holding a single hot dog and a bottle of Coca Cola.

Hot Dog Purse

An hourglass with an additional top attached to it to add "more time."

Extra Time Timer

A concrete base with a series of curved candles coming from it.

The Bloom Candle

A small blue card wallet in the shape of a blue file folder.

Untitled Folder Wallet

A series of card wallets in the shape of file folders.

Folder Wallets

Two images of a purse shaped like a box of pasta with a handle and chain, photographed on a table covered in tagliatelle.

The Pasta Bag 3

Two orange purses made from coiled extension cables.

Electric Cord Bag

A photograph of a vase holding sunflowers, and the vase says "Vincent," referencing Vincent Van Gogh.

The Vincent Vase

#Nikolas Bentel


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