Melanie Pfirrman

Latin American

Melanie Pfirrman’s globe-trotting pop music blurs the boundaries between genres and countries, fusing Latin rhythms, dance grooves, and R&B swagger into a sound that’s both bold and bilingual.

Raised in California, Melanie grew up listening to a multicultural mix of Spanish and American music. She gravitated toward artists like Selena — an international star whose songs bridged the gap between American and Latin American traditions — and began creating her own diverse music, eventually signing with Sidewalk Records in 2016.

Her debut EP, I Don’t Wanna Love, was released in 2018, racking up nearly 2 million digital streams and producing the Top 10 Radio Disney hit “Go Steady.” Even so, it was 2020’s “Suda” — Melanie’s steamy collaboration with Pitbull and IAmChino — that truly launched her career, showcasing the Latin influences, melodic hooks, and larger-than-life charisma of pop music’s newest jet-setter. “I’ve always had a love for singing in Spanish,” says Melanie. “It’s in my blood. My mom was a singer who grew up singing with mariachi groups, and I remember watching videos of those performances when I was a little girl. Spanish is so beautiful; it’s a magical way of saying romantic things.”

Working in Miami with a rotating group of songwriters and producers, Melanie spent the rest of 2020 in a creative whirlwind, building a catalog of songs that, like “Suda,” mixed American and Latin influences into something new. She teamed up with singers Fanny Lu and Paty Cantú for “En Mis Tacones,” a bilingual salute to female empowerment, and mixed Cumbia grooves with tropical melodies on “Rosé.”

While the world around her ground to a temporary halt, she remained as prolific as ever, exploring a unique sound that mixed the familiar with the fresh.




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