Paradox Studio in El Paso, TX

[Most notable Producer that has worked with Tony and Paradox Studio]

Paradox Studio is one of the premier studios located in El Paso TX. Owned and operated by Tony Mana AKA Smokey.

Paradox studio is a full fledged top of the line pro tools studio.

Some notable artist and bands that have been recorded at Paradox Studios.

Project Pat
Mike Jones
Snow tha Product
Kid Frost
Brown Boy
Zig Zag (nbridaz)
Krystal Poppn
Lone Gun
Sonora Blu
Double Identidad
Paradox Studio was founded by Antonio Arispe aka Smokeman in 2005. It started as a hobby and now is an exclusive professional recording studio. Paradox Studio’s most notable competitive edge is its custom chain algorithms. Over 18+ years of experience has resulted in unique custom sound. Our clients thru the years now refer the studio service as “Smoke Sause.”
Equipment: Pro Tools Ultimate Avid HDX I/O Genelec Monitors 8050 A Presonus Sceptre 8 Yamahaa Monitors HS50m Dangerous Music Mix Bus+ Empirical Lab Fatso Warm Audio WA-273 Neve 1073 Warm Audio WA-2A Warm Audio WA-76 Warm Audio EQP-WA Equalizer Korg Triton 88 Key Neuman U87 Set Z Shure Sm57 (😎 Shure Beta 52A DW The Moon Mic Kick Drum Mic Roland V-Drums Focusrite Liquid Channel Presonous ADL 600 Monster Power Pro 2500 Switch Witch Apple Mac Pro Cylinder

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