Austin Forsyth Slammed For Berating Joy-Anna Duggar In Shocking Video

August 16, 2023 - Culture

Joy-Anna Duggar frequently posts YouTube videos to update fans about her experiences as a young wife and mother.

Unlike some of her sisters, Joy is not looking to rock the boat, and she has no desire to break free from the hyper-patriarchal community in which she was raised.

Instead, the goal of Joy’s videos is to create the impression that her life is as happy and stable as can be.

But some fans aren’t buying it.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have their arms around each other in this sweet snapshot. (Photo Credit: instagram)

In fact, they think that Joy’s videos serve as proof that her husband, Austin Forsyth, is a short-tempered jerk who frequently talks down to his wife and children.

Katie Joy of the “Without a Crystal Ball” YouTube channel recent explored this phenomenon with a video of her own, in which she noted how strange it is that Joy and Austin are attempting to rebrand with “weird, family vlogging content.”

After all, Joy hails from what might be the most controversial family in the history of reality television, so it’s a little odd to see her try and portray her life as entirely normal and wholesome.

But the main focus of Katie’s video was the fact the apparent toxicity of Joy and Austin’s marriage.

Katie kicks things off with a clip in which Austin snaps at Joy in front of the kids, accusing her of creating a fraudulent version of their lives for the benefit of her YouTube audience.

Later in the video, Austin angrily accuses his wife of failing to properly comprehend the message of that week’s church sermon.

Austin Forsyth stares into the camera in this photo posted by Joy-Anna Duggar. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“How was the message [of the service]?” he asked.

Joy joked that the pastor did a “phenomenal” job and shrugged off the allegation that she didn’t fully understand what he was saying.

But Austin pressed on asking, “What were the three points [of the pastor’s full message]?”

Joy-Anna and Austin Pic
Joy-Anna Duggar smiles while out and about here with husband Austin. What a cute pic! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

At one point, Joy struggled to remember a word that the pastor had used.

Austin informed her that the word was “prerogative,” prompting a heartbreaking rebuttal from an obviously flustered Joy.

“I don’t even know what that means, but basically, that means that he’ll protect them, or no, provide. … Anyway, it was a good message,” she said.

In the comments, viewers agreed with Katie’s conclusion that Austin has an unfortunate habit of berating and belittling Joy.

Driving with Austin
Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin look rather content with each other in this sweet photo, don’t they? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“The only thing he accomplishes by calling her out is show his shortcomings [sic],” one person wrote, according to In Touch.

“In a Christian marriage, he is supposed to be the spiritual leader,” this person explained.

“He is charged with his family’s knowledge and teachings of the scriptures. If they don’t know it or can’t remember it, it shows his lack of leadership, not her lack of knowledge. He is literally making himself look bad.”

Joy-Duggar returns to Instagram … and she’s wearing glasses! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Their religion very much places women as second class citizens,” another noted.

“This poor, drained young woman. I am so sad for her,” a third chimed in.

This is not the first time that Austin has been accused of cruelty toward Joy, and it likely won’t be the last.

But since divorce is strictly forbidden in the Duggars’ world, it’s a safe bet that Joy will never seek the freedom her fans wish for her.

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