Danielle Maltby Details Stunning Michael Allio Split: He Dumped Her WHEN?!?

September 23, 2023 - Culture

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio are no longer a romantic item.

Earlier this week, the latter announced his split from the woman he met and fell in love with on season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise… a not totally shocking development considering the poor success rate of those who meet in front of a camera.

But Maltby then hosted an episode of her podcast, The WoMed, on Friday.

And dropped a bombshell.

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio didn’t last as a couple. But they look great together. (ABC)

She claims Allio dumped her VERY shortly after her egg retrieval process.

“What’s hard in talking about this really isn’t the procedure itself, it’s what came after,” the 37-year old began to open this segment.

Maltby told fans that the surgery went “great” and Allio was there “waiting with a Matcha latte for me” when she woke up.

However, the high of retrieving 11 eggs and successfully freezing eight was short-lived.

Danielle Maltby claims she was dumped… in very, very poor fashion. (Instagram)

“The day after Michael and I got home from freezing my eggs, he … he broke up with me and I was very, very blindsided by it,” Maltby alleged on the podcast.

“Obviously [I’m] still very emotional and hurt and confused. I still don’t really have any answers. I’m in it.”

Earlier this year, Danielle made the move from Nashville, Tennessee, to Cleveland, Ohio, where Michael lives with his young son, James.

It sounds like the pair had talked very seriously about starting a family of their own, too.

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio met on Bachelor in Paradise. We’re not stunned they’ve split. (Instagram)

The Bachelor alum explained that the split took place about two and a half months ago, but she is still processing the pain.

Allio, for his part, went public with the breakup on Monday, September 18.

“When you realize that love is there, but you’re not necessarily compatible, you mourn the loss not of just that person and that friend in your life, but also the future that you had envisioned,” he said at the time.

“And it’s to no fault of hers — she poured everything into this. I just have so much admiration.”

Allio didn’t say anything about the egg freezing procedure.

Danielle Maltby thought she found love in Michael Allio. Alas. (ABC)

Danielle referred to the weekend prior to this break-up as “love-filled,” allowing herself to be vulnerable on the podcast as follows:

“I still don’t really have any answers.

“I’m grieving the loss of him. I’m grieving the loss of the future that I really believed in and I’m grieving the loss of James. I’m grieving the loss of safety that I felt with him for the first time.

“He was the first person that ever made me feel safe in a relationship, that made me feel like I was enough, and then that was taken away.”

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