Janelle Brown: Is She Actually Leaving Flagstaff?

June 1, 2024 - Culture

For Janelle Brown, this remains a time of change.

It’s jus a question at this point of how big of a change.

Over a year ago, Janelle told the public that she had separated from spiritual husband Kody… following several months of arguments and fights that made it clear she wasn’t close to a priority in his life.

Just about three months ago, meanwhile, Janelle lost her son Garrison to suicide.

Janelle Brown looks very sad
Janelle Brown looks very sad in this confessional on Sister Wives. (TLC)

These two changes are very different, of course, but both have had a profound impact on the long-time TLC personality.

Many observers have noticed that Brown is spending less and less time these days at home in Flagstaff, Arizona in response to the end of her relationship and the loss of her child.

She no longer has a strong reason to be there, considering one of her kids is no longer around and she has no romantic basis for residing in that area.

Heck, she probably wants to be far away from Kody and likely wants or needs a break from any reminders of Garrison.

Janelle Brown appears unhappy on Sister Wives.
Janelle Brown appears on a 2022 episode of Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

Many social media followers have therefore noticed that Janelle is spending a bulk of her time these days in North Carolina, which is where daughter Maddie lives.

Brown hasn’t been shy about it, either, often shared photos from that state (specifically of her time gardening there) on Instagram.

“I’ll be spending a lot of the summer in NC with Maddie, Caleb and the kids so Maddie and I have made big plans for a garden,” wrote the mother of six a little while ago, for example.

“I am looking forward to learning how to grow veggies in a climate that has such a long season and way more moisture than I’m used to.”

A bunch of fans are now curious whether Janelle will permanently move out of Arizona.

“In her latest post, she seems so proud of her garden,” someone recently wrote on Reddit. “I know she and Maddie already had this planned, but I hope this is therapeutic for her.”

We have no idea what Janelle is thinking.

But we hope she is simply doing whatever is best for her mental health on a daily basis.

Janelle Brown on season 18
Janelle Brown has something to say in this Season 18 confessional. (TLC)

Garrison Brown died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on March 4.

Ever since, his mother has shared a number of tributes in her son’s honor.

On April 10, for example, Garrison would have turned 26 years old.

“Happy Birthday Sweetheart,” his mom wrote alongside a compilation video featuring clips and photos of her late son on his past birthdays.

“We are missing you terribly today. It’s hard to believe you aren’t here anymore. We talked a lot about you today and even went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (your favorite place). I still feel you nearby sometimes.

“And I’m grateful we will see each other again when my journey is completed.”

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