Jenelle Evans: My Son Has Mental Health Issues, Okay?!?

September 1, 2023 - Culture

Jenelle Evans would like to say a word in her own defense.

Okay, maybe a few words.

As you likely know by now, the former Teen Mom cast member has been in the news a lot of late because her 14-year old son, Jace was reported missing in mid-August.

Earlier this week, he was then reported missing again.

Jenelle Evans has her hands full with son Jace. We really hope he’s doing okay. (Instagram)

The teenager was tracked down by authorities in a short period of time on both occasions and he’s currently safe at home.

But that doesn’t mean he’s doing especially well these days.

On Wednesday, Evans took to TikTok in order to clap back at critics for what’s been going on with her oldest child … while also sharing some rather personal about young Jace.

“A lot of my son’s actions is being pinned against me,” Evans told viewers. “And I’m getting a lot of hate, a lot of comments, and it just keeps going and going.”

Jenelle Evans now has full custody of son Jace. We hope she takes this seriously. (Instagram)

It’s hard not to judge Jenelle in this case, of course.

She only gained full custody of Jace in March after her mother, Barbara, took charge of the kid almost as soon as he was born — due to her daughter’s legal troubles and substance abuse issues.

“My son has been having a hard time for the past two, three years,” Evans continued on August 30.

“None of this has gone public because we’re trying to keep his privacy.

“Me and my mom, when she gave me custody, she’s like, ‘Oh we’re just getting along, I’m just gonna give Jenelle back,’ well, there was a big reason behind why I got him back.”

Jenelle Evans posted this pic to celebrate her son’s birthday in August of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In 2021, Jace allegedly set some kind of fire inside his grandmother’s house.

His behavioral issues have been pretty well chronicled over the years, although this marks the first time Evans spoke about them in any sort of detail.

“My son is fine. He’s healthy and he’s safe,” the 31-year-old added.

“Due to my son’s mental health, none of this is going to be shared and I don’t really want to go into detail with anything.

“So if you can kindly give us the privacy, give my son the privacy, right now, I’d appreciate it.”

Jenelle Evans and Her Son, Jace
Jenelle Evans cradles son Jace in this photo. Until recently, she did not have custody of the boy. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Prior to the first instance of Jace disappearing, Jenelle and her husband got into a heated argument over social media.

The reality star emphasized at the time that this incident had nothing to do with that fight, and she concluded in this latest statement as follows:

“I will say one thing, monitor your kids’ phones.

“Because you know, I monitor my kid’s phone, and sometimes they get in trouble, sometimes they need it taken away for consequences to their actions.

“But sometimes they don’t take that too lightly.”


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