Jessa Duggar Plotting Baby Reveal to Sabotage Launch of Jill Duggar’s Book?

September 8, 2023 - Culture

At the moment, fans are deeply convinced that Jessa Duggar is pregnant with Baby #5.

Jessa only recently returned to social media after a lengthy and mysterious hiatus. And she’s not showing herself … which isn’t proof, but may be a sign that it’s true.

The timing of all of this — Jessa’s return and possibly looming pregnancy announcement — has a lot of Duggar fans feeling suspicious.

Is Jess planning to preempt Jill Duggar’s tell-all memoir? Pregnancy news could rain all over her sister’s parade — and maybe that would be the point.

Jessa Duggar on Video
Jessa Duggar looks into the camera in this still from a 2020 video and talks about her mental health. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

For some time, fans and critics of the Duggar clan have speculated that Jessa Duggar is pregnant.

She has appeared in a few recent social media posts — though not in any of her own.

The focus of the photos fell upon the children. Fern recently celebrated her second birthday, you see.

Jessa Duggar posted video of her daughter’s birthday, and many viewers were dismayed at the state of her home. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“Creative” angles of the camera have seemed to obscure Jessa’s midsection.

Between that and her choice of clothing, she could be hiding a baby bump.

Obviously, that is not the only hint. Jessa’s extended absence from social media, and Jim Bob and Michelle’s anticipation of their billionth (approximately) grandbaby this year, had already spurred speculation.

Jessa and daughter Fern on the latter’s second birthday. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Obviously, anyone is welcome to keep a pregnancy out of the public eye for any amount of time. That can also mean forever.

Public figures only have an obligation to share their lives with the world so long as they use those lives to turn a profit. Even then, there are boundaries. Especially since Jessa’s reality TV career is long dead.

That said, there is an expectation among fans that Jessa will announce a pregnancy, or even a baby. Like, a real baby, post-birth. But what’s she waiting for?

Jessa on Counting On
Jessa Duggar looks a little unsure of something in this scene from an episode of Counting On. (Photo Credit: TLC)

Some social media users — on Reddit, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, and possibly beyond — are spinning a theory.

(Yes, we know that a very bad man used his big boy money to rename Twitter to “X,” but no one respects him or that. The company isn’t a person; you can’t deadname it, you can simply not humor bad men)

The theory? What if Jessa is waiting until Tuesday, September 12 to unveil her growing family — whether it’s a baby or a mere bump. But why that date?

Look out, Michelle and Jim Bob! Jill Duggar is coming out with a book that will likely expose just how evil you truly are. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Counting The Cost just so happens to hit store shelves on Tuesday, September 12.

Sure, there have been plenty of Jill Duggar interviews and revelations about what absolute garbage her awful parents are.

But the book is sure to include new info and make big headlines. Especially for anyone looking up Duggar news that day.

Jessa Duggar took followers on a tour of her living room decor via her Instagram Stories in early 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Unless, of course, someone dilutes the pool — on Jill’s big launch day, of all days — with their own news. Their own Duggar news.

Jessa could do that by announcing even close to that date. Maybe this weekend, for example. Or on Monday, September 11 (unless that is, of course, too soon).

If she’s doing this — which is a compelling theory, but one that remains unproven — it’s likely not her own idea. Most fans spinning this idea suggest that Jim Bob put her up to it. We’ll all find out soon enough, right?

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