Jinger Duggar Shares Rare Photo of Daughter Amid Worsening Feud With Jim Bob & Michelle

October 16, 2023 - Culture

Last week, the entire Duggar family went on vacation in Florida.

Well — almost the entire Duggar family.

As fans were quick to point out Jinger and Jill Duggar were nowhere to be seen during this seaside reunion.

Of course, they’re the two Duggar sisters who published memoirs in the past year, which is probably why they weren’t invited on the trip.

Jill’s memoir was the more scandalous of the two books by a wide margin.

But even though Jinger depicted her parents in a far more flattering light, it seems she’s received the same punishment as Jill.

Neither daughter has been totally exiled by their parents, but it appears that they’re no longer invited to family gatherings.

Fortunately, it also looks as though they’re both completely unbothered by the situation.

Rather than dwelling on the snub, Jinger spent the weekend enjoying fun family activities in her adopted hometown of Los Angeles.

And in a rare change of pace, she included one her daughters in the pics.

According to a new report from The Sun, Jinger posted an Instagram Story that featured the back of Felicity Vuolo’s head.

In keeping with her privacy policy, she did not post any photos of her daughters’ faces.

“We came for [insert ice cream emoji] & ended up at a car show,” Jinger captioned the pic.

Though Jinger occasionally takes flak for wanting to “have it both ways” — to live the life of a public figure while still being vigilant about her privacy — most fans seem to understand why she would want to take such steps to protect her children.

“I think I have an idea, but why no pictures of your girls? Not being judgmental, just asking,” one fan inquired during an Instagram Q&A.

“The girls are doing great!” Jinger replied, cleverly side-stepping the question.

“Felicity is absolutely smitten by her little sister. And Evy adores Felicity.”

There are many valid reasons not to post a child’s face on social media, but Jinger and Jeremy have more reason than most to be cautious.

Sure the Vuolos have a lot of fans, but they also have a lot of critics.

And many of those haters are folks who are militantly loyal to the kind of cult in which Jinger was raised.

She’s frequently accused of betraying her parents and the ideals of her upbringing, and some of these comments come from dangerous fanatics.

So yeah, Jinger might be cool with the fact that her family has given her the cold shoulder, and she might be perfectly content in her new life of Los Angeles.

But she knows all about cult members and how far they’re willing to go to defend their beliefs.

So it’s probably a very good idea for Jinger to continue taking certain steps to protect her family.

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