Tori Roloff Unveils Trendy New Look After Getting Trolled by Body-Shamers

August 14, 2023 - Culture

Just because Tori Roloff claps back at body-shamers doesn’t mean that she doesn’t see their posts.

Tori exists in society just like the rest of us.

And she thinks about her looks more than most, given that she’s on Little People, Big World.

With all of that in mind, perhaps we should have seen this trendy change to her appearance coming. But hey, she looks great!

On Thursday, August 10, Tori Roloff shared this little “Before” photo before revealing her updated look. (Instagram)

Tori Roloff took to Instagram on Thursday, August 10 to deliver a little update on her appearance.

“Everyone else was doing it …” she captioned cryptically, including a scissors emoji.

Tori shows herself playing with her long hair and giving it a bit of a tug. Then, some editing magic comes into play.

Nice! Tori Roloff shows off her freshly trimmed hair in August of 2023. (Instagram)

The video immediately transitions — or cuts, one might say — to a seemingly identical shot of Tori.

She’s standing in the same spot. And she’s wearing the same outfit.

But Tori is also sporting shorter hair. She got a modest but noticeable trim, and she looks fantastic.

Tori Roloff stands side-by-side with husband Zach Roloff in a July 25 photoset that she shared in 2023. Happy 8 year anniversary! (Instagram)

Tori went on to thank her beautician “for the fresh new look,” tagging @jeffreyallensalon.

Fans and followers immediately flooded Tori’s comments section with compliments.

Her freshly cut hair isn’t a brand new hairstyle, but it looks nice. And they all know how nice it must feel. Literally a weight off of her shoulders.

Amy Roloff is hooked up to the Internet here and responding to questions from her followers. (Instagram)

Complimenters included mother-in-law Amy Roloff, who wrote: “Nice. Looks great.”

Additionally, Counting On alum Jill Duggar simply commented: “Cute!”

Unfortunately, a few commenters came in with the absolute worst takes.

Taking to her Stories, Tori Roloff reflected upon the silence — and then noise — in her home. (Instagram)

“Is she pregnant?” one commenter asked impertinently.

“She’s definitely pregnant,” another insisted.

Tori is not pregnant, actually. And she has made it extremely clear how hurtful this (incredibly rude) speculation is.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, August 8, Tori Roloff went on a bit of a rant about one very rude question that fans keep asking. Enough! (Instagram)

Tori very recently — just days earlier, in fact — made all of this clear to her fans and followers.

And the thing is … pregnancy speculation is normal. What’s not normal or okay is commenting under someone’s photos that you think that they’re pregnant.

This isn’t a discussion forum; it’s her Instagram page. She’s going to see this. It’s not harmless.

Tori Roloff snaps this couples selfie with husband Zach Roloff in a July 2023 pic as they celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary. (Instagram)

So yes, this is rude and unacceptable to the point where it’s body-shaming.

Even if she hadn’t debunked these rumors. And even if she hadn’t explained how hurtful it is, admitting that she’d considered something as drastic as surgery.

Some fans responded to that confession with reassurances that “diet and exercise” would “do the trick.” We would ask … what trick? Tori does not need to perform any tricks.

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