A Perfect Blend of Poignant Lines and Gripping Soundscapes Conner Cherland Is Brilliant in ‘Call Waiting’

November 18, 2022 - Dj Life

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Jennifer Stone

Lose yourself in the charming musical vibes of Conner Cherland, his latest album ‘Call Waiting’ is truly ecstatic to experience, conveying 6 heart-melting numbers.

Imagine a seamless blend of Americana, folk, indie, and rock; Conner Cherland is a multi-genre artist who makes a distinctive impression in this music industry with his impressive styles. His voice and singing vibes resonate with the styles of Ed Sheeran, Shakey Graves, and Hozier. His recently released album Call Waiting is absolutely charming to witness. Each song will share a different style and will make you fall for the craft. The guitar loops along with his vocals are winning the hearts of many. Another impressive part is the lyrics of these tracks which will make fall the number.

In this album, you will have a number called ‘Good For Something’, which will tickle your heart with the profound meaning of the song. Yet the soulful music of this number is surely making a gripping impression on his listeners. While witnessing this album you will feel positive emotions engulf you with the most enticing profoundness. The album was produced by Santa Barbara Records. Conner Cherland has 6 tracks in this album which are ‘Call Waiting’, ‘You Are What You Take In’, ‘Heavy’, ‘I Don’t Need CA’, ‘Good For Something’, and ‘Robin’. He will be back with more albums and releases like Call Waiting. By then you groove to these numbers and follow him on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and his official website.


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