Alias Wayne’s New Song ‘Love One Another’ Motivates with Its Touching Message

December 18, 2022 - Dj Life

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Charles Edward

Alias Wayne’s New Song ‘Love One Another’ Motivates with Its Touching Message

Bringing forth a fresh wave of melody with a message is the talented singer, guitarist, and songwriter Alias Wayne, also known as Ranzel X Kendrick, who has released his newest song Love One Another. It evokes the idea of global unification and acceptance, irrespective of race, region, and gender. The pleasant acoustic buzzes in and brings a joyful vibe with it. The singer’s organic, soulful voice breaks out and speaks of a Utopian world devoid of hate and prejudice as the world moves towards being a global community where love prevails over everything else. Such an ideal world can only be achieved when individuals and international communities learn to “love one another”.

‘Love One Another’ is a beautiful attempt by Alias Wayne to spread the message of love across the world and he does so successfully. The song presents a stripped-back presentation of sublime acoustic work with subtle flicks of supplementary fingerstyle notes, as his voice smoothly guides listeners through this emotive melody. For more such amazing songs by the singer like ‘Real World’ and ‘Chaperon’, log in to Spotify and subscribe to his channel on YouTube. Also, follow him on Facebook for all the latest updates from the artist.

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