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May 13, 2023 - Dj Life

The music industry is one of the largest business industries in the current scenario. It has been there and constantly creating music for all of us. Over time we have seen and heard many artists. There were not only artists but bands too. Various artists and bands have come to the industry to try their luck. A lot of them has been hugely successful in their career. But many bands couldn’t survive in the industry for multiple reasons. As time flew by, we also forgot bands that were industry in the previously. Somehow, those bands didn’t also come up with new creations to make an impact on listeners all over again. There are many Forgotten Bands in the genre of Rock music, which used to be a part of it. So let’s find out the top ten forgotten bands from this genre of the industry-



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Incubus is an alternative rock band from the United States of America. This band has been formed in 1991 by artists like Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, and Jose Pasillas. Later on, Alex Katunich and Gavin Koppell joined the group but eventually got replaced by Ben Kenney and DJ Kilmore. This band is one of the forgotten bands of the rock music industry.


The Band:

The Band

There was a Canadian-American band formed in 1965, called The Band. This band consisted of five extremely talented artists, who have explored various sub-genres of rock music in their own way. They have also given a lot of songs to their listeners. Some of them are ‘The Weight’, ‘Life is a Carnival’, and ‘I Shall Be Released’.



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Everclear is an American rock band that has been created in 1991. Art Alexakis took the initiative to make the band. Not only that, but he is also the songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist of the band. They have gotten a lot of popularity in their career. This band has created some enigmatic songs like ‘Sparkle’, ‘Heroine Girl’, and ‘The Swing’. They have also made songs in genres like Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, and Power Pop, which have been loved by everyone.


The Mamas & The Papas:

The Mamas & The Papas
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In the American folk rock industry, there used to be a band called The Mamas & The Papas. It was formed in Los Angeles in the 60s. Along with folk rock, they have created music in sub-genre like psychedelic pop too. In their music career, they have made various songs that were loved by the audiences. Some of them are ‘California Dreamin‘’, ‘Monday, Monday’, and ‘Got a Feelin’’.


The Bangles:

The Bangles

The Bangles was a pop rock band from the United States. This band was formed with four female artists and those are Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, Annette Zilinskas, and Vicki Peterson. The band was created in 1981 and it was in the industry for a decade and later it became inactive. That is why, over time audiences have forgotten about this pop-rock band.


The Yardbirds:

The Yardbirds
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A band was formed in 1963 named The Yardbirds. It was another band from London that was quite popular in the mid-sixties. It had artists like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Keith Relf. They have created various songs and presented them to worldwide audiences. Some of them are ‘Heart Full of Soul’, ‘For Your Love’, and ‘I’m a Man’.


The Black Crowes:

The Black Crowes

In the year 1989, an American rock band emerged in the industry, named The Black Crowes. They have created many songs, which have gotten a lot of popularity in a short time span. In their whole career, they have given eight studio albums, multiple number of singles, and four live albums. It was one of the popular bands back then.



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Supertramp was an English rock band from London, United Kingdom. This band was formed in 1969 with the initiative of artists like Roger Hodgson, Frank Farrell, Rick Davies, Kevin Currie, and Dave Winthrop. This prolific band achieved its commercial peak in 1979’s ‘Breakfast in America’. They sold more than 20000000 copies all over the world at that time. But eventually, the band stopped making music.


Buffalo Springfield:

Buffalo Springfield
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Buffalo Springfield is another rock band that was formed in the time of 1966. It was an American-Canadian band that was created in Los Angeles. They created songs in Folk Rock, Country Rock, and Psychedelic Rock genres. They have tried out various different sub-genres of Rock music. There were five members in this band and Stephen Stills was the guitarist, keyboardist, and singer. Apart from that, in that group Bruce Palmer was at the electric bass, Richie Furay was a guitarist and vocalist, Dewey Martin was a drummer and a singer, and at last, there was Neil Young who used to be a singer and a guitarist, pianist, and harmonicist.


The Cars:

The Cars
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In the year 1970, a band came up in the industry named The Cars. It was a rock band created in 1976 in Boston, Massachusetts.  This American rock band was a group of people who used to make songs that were usually based on guitar. The band was created with five members, and Ric Ocasek was a singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist. On the other hand, there was lead guitarist Elliot Easton, Benjamin Orr as a singer and bassist, David Robinson as the drummer, and last but not least Greg Hawkes as a keyboardist. They have created songs like ‘Just What I Needed’, ‘Drive’, and ‘All Mixed Up’. It can be said that they are one of the best forgotten bands from this genre.

These are ten forgotten bands of the industry. They used to become one of the famous ones, but for various reasons, they have stopped making music. Thus, over time, their creations and name both faded away from the listeners’ minds.

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