Insights on Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’: Heartbreak Anthem OR Revenge Video: Netizens Surely Were Spellbound

March 2, 2023 - Dj Life


On the 13th of January 2023, on the same day as her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth’s 33rd birthday, she decided to release ‘Flowers’ packed with consequential lyrics and a uniquely done revenge video. While the world was completely awestruck to see her dancing and celebrating her new-found singlehood, she was remembering and slightly bashing her failed relationship with Junior Hemsworth. This was her first release from her upcoming album called ‘Endless Summer Vacation’. And within minutes the song was a hit and the world was enthralled to see how she offered several Easter eggs throughout this number.

The song talks about various incidents that took place in their relationship. Starting with the relationship she and Liam shared, they both were a power couple until they weren’t. She was ready will her loaded lyricism and her addictive voice to address their 10 years old relationship that ended in 2020. First, it is the date she chose to drop the song on his birthday. This song was a complete package of vindictive lyricism and the video was truly a revenge video. Many have pointed out that this was the house that has several spiteful memories of infidelity.

With her words like “Built a home and watched it burn,” she mentioned their California house which had caught fire in 2018 due to wildfire. She has had a great career graph, since her childhood, but this song broke the internet as she was being wildly honest. This may not be a coincidence but taking revenge most creatively will always be appreciated. But this song hasn’t caused any defamation cases by far, but this coded song soon became a hot topic on Twitter, triggering millions of social media users.

Was the gold dress widely similar to the Jennifer Lawrence dress, or Miley was actually wearing Liam’s 2019 MET Gala suit? Probably both were true and it was just a coincidence that they both wore a YSL at a Saint Laurent parade in Malibu, their last public appearance. The traumatic loss of love from her surely cannot be avenged by releasing one number, and people might continue to portray her as a publicity-hungry star. But this song is a confession of her agony, and her daunting declaration that she CAN buy herself ‘Flowers’.

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