Mariah Odyssey Engraves Her Name In Golden Letters In The Music World With Her Newest E.P.

December 29, 2022 - Dj Life

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Charles Edward

The versatile artist Mariah Odyssey flaunts her musical brilliance through her latest alternative rock E.P. that aims to relax and make listeners reflect at the same time.

Introducing a fresh wave in the alternative rock genre, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and model, Mariah McPherson, professionally known as Mariah Odyssey, has released her new E.P. ‘Realize That the Sky Is Our Garden We Can Plant Seeds and Watch Them Grow In the Morning’ that blends together elements of rock into a soothing cascade of a mellifluous musical stream. A solo musician and self-producing artist with a knack for experimenting with different types of music, Odyssey has performed original music and covers with entertainment groups throughout the U.S.

She has now set the bar high with her new E.P. which is a juxtaposition of very conscious and mind-expanding lyricism with reflective and relaxing music. Each song has a distinct appeal of its own. Soaked in reverb, ‘I.D’ and ‘In and Out’ showcases an assertive indie-rock influence. ‘Integrity’ teams the sultry vocals of the artist with a poetic flow of passionate lyrics that resonates into the hearts of the listeners. ‘Dimensions’ and ‘Carry On’ ring out the nostalgic elements and the mild distortions only add to the vintage effect. ‘Water’ is a soothing number with a soul-healing effect to it that represents Mariah Odyssey’s idea that music is therapeutic. To immerse yourself into an ethereal realm of melody, check out her songs like ‘Friends’ and ‘Selfish’ on Spotify and Apple Music.

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