“Nosotros” by Mileisy M. Has Amazed Music Admirers from Every Corner of the World

August 6, 2022 - Dj Life

Rising music producer and music video director Mileisy M. has launched yet another masterpiece titled Nosotros.” The mesmerizing ballad produced by the artist has gone on to catch the attention of listeners worldwide within a very short time. The remastered edition of the song by the artist features some of the best Cuban and Spanish musical elements, which further defines the beauty of the number. The artist has tried to include her own version of rich lyrics and flawless violin tunes in the song. As the song was written by Pedro Junco back in the 1930s, the artist has tried her best in making a fusion of Spanish and Cuban cultures and has perfectly portrayed the interconnectedness with the song.

Mileisy M. is a New York-based versatile jazz violinist, music composer, music video director, and music entrepreneur. The artist was influenced and mentored by the renowned jazz violinist Miss Regina Carter. In some of her productions, she has also worked with Miss Carter who has played a major role in her music career. Mileisy also has had the experience of working with several renowned names in the music industry, along with Grammy winner Arturo O’Farill. Intending to incorporate new musical elements, varying textures and forms of music, and rhythms that can touch hearts, the artist has established a firm position in the current professional musical space. The artist loves to experiment with music by going beyond the traditional genres and comes up with something new every time she launches a track.

Talking about the artist’s musical contributions, the latest release by her is the first production in which she has sung. The other two productions from the artist “Pass Out Then Alive” and “Decisions” feature some of the best blends of violin melody and heart-capturing beats. The presentation and performance by the artist in each of her songs display unique creativity that many artists lack in today’s musical space. With the newly released single, this also happens to be the first time that the artist has decided to provide an excellent re-mastering.


The latest release, Nosotros,” is a musical ballad that has all the necessary elements to stand out. Be it the guitar nodes or the violin tunes, or even the artist’s soothing vocals, every aspect of the song has been perfectly executed by the artist. The flamenco fusion provided by the artist at the end of the song highlights the music cultures between Cuba and Spain. The never-ending magic of Spanish music has once again been highlighted for every music lover to cherish. Stream the track on Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, VEVO, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. Follow Mileisy M. on Instagram for more information.

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