Payton Howie Is Making Listeners Enthralled with Her New Poetic Single ‘Jail and Jesus’

October 18, 2022 - Dj Life

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Jennifer Stone

Enjoy a redefined taste of country music along with an intriguing storyline through Payton Howie’s latest musical creation with an official video, ‘Jail and Jesus’.

Multi-talented country music artist Payton Howie has come up with her latest single ‘Jail and Jesus’, a different take on country music. The artist has done an amazing job in creating this single that offers a compelling story through its poetic lyricism. Payton’s excellent vocal skills along with an intriguing subject do not fail to envelop the listener. The subject matter of the track revolves around the mistakes of life that hold people back; however, the central idea offers an optimistic boost with positive vibes and the potential dose of motivation to move forward. The track is one of the best musical contributions by Howie that portrays her skills as a prolific singer and a songwriter as well.

Offering an ode to country music, ‘Jail and Jesus’ has also been released with an official music video that establishes the storyline through an old man’s character. The music is quite expressive and Howie made it even better with her powerful presence. Previously, this singer has released many singles that helped pave her way towards success such as, ‘Freedom’, ‘Break My Own Heart’, ‘Never Go Home’, ‘Keep Her Breathing’ and the list goes on. Follow Payton Howie on YouTube and her official website to know more. She is also available on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the Official Music Video here: https://youtu.be/GlSU-PvhDTc

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