Promising Young Talent Doottak Is Releasing His Debut Album ‘In Fact, I Do’

January 8, 2023 - Dj Life

The international music industry is in desperate need of new talents that will produce some fresh music. The audience is also extremely welcoming of new talents because the usual music taste is evolving with time. If you are also one of the listeners who are looking for some fresh music, then your search ends here. The talented and gifted artist Doottak is finally making his debut with his studio album. The album is titled In Fact, I Doand will be released on December 31st of 2022. You can start your new year celebration with the artist and his incredible musical expressions.


The album consists of a total of 8 tracks which have all different themes and unique compositions. The compositions of the track are laid back and will give you a vibe of peace and calmness. As a multi-culturalist, you will also be able to witness the perfect blend of different cultures in his musical pieces. The tracks of the album do not follow any particular genre but in the composition, you will be able to find tints of R&B, pop, and contemporary music mixed with rock in them. If you want to know about the themes of the album tracks, then you will not be disappointed. The lyrics perfectly capture the inner collisions of Doottak’s emotions and inner vehemence. On top of that, the smooth yet confident R&B vocals of the artist on the tracks will create an idiosyncratic ambiance for you that will be hard to ignore. The tracks are created with so much patience, talent, and caliber that it is a sounding proof of the artist’s ability.

Some of the tracks in ‘In Fact, I Do’ are titled ‘19’, ‘Star Shining On My Head’, ‘Raindust’, ‘Don’t Fall’, etc. The album will be live on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube on 31st December. Don’t forget to stream and support the young talent by following him on Instagram and Twitter.

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