Reasons Why BTS’ V is Your Favorite Crush

August 6, 2022 - Dj Life

The buoyant boy band BTS has swept the whole internet with their vibrant k-pop music for the last few years. And the band has become the most loved band in the world, with their gripping music and extremely charming aura. Yet, V has always stood out from the rest with some of his unique qualities and quirky and witty presence of mind. Kim Tae-hyung of BTS is a kind person, who has a beautiful voice, and a smile that can give you an acute heart arrest, apart from that there are plenty of things about him that contribute to the promising factors for him having such a big fan base. He is a very good-looking person and has a great sense of fashion, even though he often experiments with his looks and carries it with confidence and his mesmerizing swag which makes his vibes more wonderful. So here are 3 reasons why everyone loves him;


His cute and attractive personality

Kim Tae-hyung

The way he speaks with people, and the way he indulges in a conversation, make his entire aura irresistible to his audience. Some interesting facts that everyone should know about him,

  • His nicknames are Blank Tae and TaeTae
  • Biting nails, saying words like ‘apa!’ which means ‘it hurts’ and ‘eomma’ means mommy, or leaving his mouth open; are some of the extremely attractive traits that make people fall for him.
  • He loves watching cartoons and anime and plays the saxophone extremely well.
  • His three extremely attractive moles on his face
  • He does not like to wear shoes, even though his fashion sense is incredible.
  • He is scared of ghosts and likes to keep his hands away from any gross thing and he doesn’t prefer to be high but roller costars can be an exception.

The most attractive part about him is that he speaks in a cute way that anything can seem seamless, especially when it’s coming out of his mouth.


He is a brilliant performer


Let it be his singing or his dancing qualities he is brilliant in every way possible and now he has proved his acting ability with the youth historical drama ‘Hwarang: The Beginning’. And everything adds up to his ecstatic performing list, he is a gifted artist who has aced in every performing domain with his brilliant and prolific nature. He has captured a zillion of hearts with his supreme artistic qualities and his interesting nature. This 1995-born performer is capable of doing anything and his graceful aura makes it seem perfect. He can be cute, funny, blank, angry, serious, sad, and everything will look just as brilliant as his artistry.

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His love for Children

bts v

He has stated many times that he would like to be a one-woman-man and he hasn’t found the love of his life yet. Even though, the statement is enough for any woman to fall for a person who has an amazing voice and can dance and can be funny and cute at the same time. He is a really warm person who loves kids and may that is the main reason he is everyone’s crush and the number is growing each day. He also has shared that his dad is his inspiration and he would like to do the same with his child and be a role model for his children as well. His amicable enigma and his heart-melting warm words have done the magic.

There is no end while talking about this impressive and incredible human being famously known as V. But surely these are the reasons why he is your favorite crush and will be as long as he stays as truthful and spontaneous as he is now.

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