Seasoned Artist Nick Ray Is Offering Some Thriving Verses in His Recently Released Number ‘Soundcloud Warrior’

September 28, 2022 - Dj Life

Hailing from the “Big Easy” blending city of New Orleans, Nicholas James Ray has always been a thriving music artist who has a lot to offer. After spending a considerable amount of time in this industry Nick Ray has offered some extremely nurturing tracks that not only soothe ears but also heal souls. And his latest release Soundcloud Warrior is one of his better works conveying lines like “They don’t need a resolution; they just need a little music”. Ray’s works have always been extremely charming and thrilling. The song is a Wern Records Release, and a part of his latest album ‘Circles‘, Digital Junk Food’ with 8 tracks in it. His driven music qualities have been one of the major contribution points of his career. From eclectic flavors to gripping tonal qualities he has been proving his worth and his profound potential as a music artist via each of his numbers.

His musical catalog holds 4 albums, ‘Four White Walls’, ‘The Playback’, ‘Circles’, and ‘Digital Junk Food’. He has elevated his ways to the next level with every album he released. Some of Nick Ray’s brilliant works are in his latest album. ‘Shells of Men’, ‘The Void’, ‘That’s the Way It Is(Alternative Version)’, ‘Something More’, ‘Remind ME (Alternative Version)’, ’85’, ‘Farewell’, and ‘Soundcloud Warrior’ each of these numbers will blow your mind. His words are well recognized and widely appreciated by a lot of music lovers around the world. He already has offered over 60 tracks in his career and he will seamlessly offer more to his admirers. Watch the thriving artist walk the aisle of fame based on the sheer merit that his music possesses. You can follow him on various platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And his music is available on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and his official website will have the rest of his information.

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