Seasoned Artist NRBARZ Is Back With 10 Compelling Tracks in His New Album ‘T.S.I.R. (THE STRUGGLE IS REAL)’

September 6, 2022 - Dj Life

Watch NRBARZ ace the race with his brilliant musical concoctions, he is making a daunting impression on this world of music. The gripping pop and electronic vibes have been one of the most imprinting aspects of his musical artistry. His latest album T.S.I.R. (THE STRUGGLE IS REAL) holds 10 brilliantly performed numbers. And you will seamlessly lose yourself in the charming vibes of these tracks. He has matured vocals and his overwhelming composing skills are wooing his audience. He is a singer, songwriter, music producer, actor, and entrepreneur working relentlessly since 2003.

The 1973-born artist has been offering some exquisite music throughout his music career. Being a man of many talents, Ricardo Alexander Neeley has been dominating in this daunting domain of music. Formerly he took the stage name Barz Noble and now he is extremely famous with the name NRBARZ. He grew up in Nassau, New Providence in the Bahamas, and the brilliant music that he delivers is highly influenced by his mother. He was an avid member of a group called ‘United’. Later on, after the group went on their separate ways he started to pursue his solo career.

His new album ‘T.S.I.R. (THE STRUGGLE IS REAL)’ has some excellent and charming 10 tracks. Produced and distributed by Theotopia Notes Publishing. With Theotopia Notes Publishing he released his first solo project as well in 2013, which is called ‘Symphonic Signatures’. And after that, he released many albums and singles like ‘S.C.O.A.P. (Soul Chapters Of A Poetic)’, and ‘Fantasy’. He also has indulged in some collaborative ventures like ‘21/7 Mixtape’, ‘Sheep In Wolves Clothing’, ‘Funkanoo’, ‘Trusting’, and ‘Rainset’. His music is loaded with the musical zeal he has for music and his impressive skills. From hip-hop to pop and electronic, he has been extremely captivating in each of his musical genres.

In this album, NRBARZ has offered 10 seamless musical blends, which are ‘Life By The Page’, ‘Beatin’ Up Your Gum’, ‘The Struggle Is Real’, ‘Around The Bend’, ‘Let It Go’, ‘More Than Just Before’, ‘Can I’, ‘Struttin’, ‘Sumthn’, and ‘Face To Face’. He also has collaborated with various artists like Philocypha, Solo, Sketch, and NevandriaLyriic for various numbers of this album. Each song of this album will offer some gleaming narrations along with some gripping soundscapes leaving oscillating vibes for the audience. You can easily find him on his wiki page, along with which you can also find his music on YouTube and Spotify.

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