The Chain of Eris Has Stunned All with ‘Некоронованный Король Нищеты. King Nothing’

September 18, 2022 - Dj Life

The dark folk metal duo The Chain Of Eris is showcasing their charm by delivering brilliant pieces of music. This duo is reaching out to a large audience with their creations. They have shown their excellence with well-versed lyricism and intriguing music. The rhythmic flow of them starts slowly and grows more as the song progress. Their innovative way of approach is very much appreciated by all global audiences. They are an independent duo who compose, sing, and produce individually. Their creation Некоронованный Король Нищеты. King Nothing has created a buzz among everyone in a brief period.

Hails from the United States, these musicians have attracted all audiences with a thematic and groovy flow. Along with that, their flawless deliverance has made the songs even more attractive. With the relatable approach, they have garnered a lot of ears. The intriguing music along with the lyrics of ‘Некоронованный Король Нищеты. King Nothing’ has grabbed the attention of all the listeners. They are slowly establishing themselves in the music industry with excellent soundtracks.

The Chain Of Eris is a proficient band that is also going to come up with more songs in the upcoming days. Till now, they have given variant kinds of sound designs. some of their creations are ‘Татуировка J’adore Auto – Da – Fé’, ‘Я Заблудилась В Зарослях Вереска’, ‘Элизабет’, and ‘Маленькая Мери’. All these songs are available on SoundCloud. So visit their profile to listen to them, other than that, follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the updates on the upcoming songs.

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