Top 10 Releases (BY FAR) of the ‘Unholy’ Magnetism, Sam SmithTop 10 Releases (BY FAR) of the ‘Unholy’ Magnetism, Sam Smith

January 29, 2023 - Dj Life

Before they became the internet sensation after their Kim Petras collaboration ‘Unholy’ broke the internet, their heart-touching ballads were melting hearts and patching up wounds. Their soothing voice along with their impressive musical narratives made them climb up the ladder of success and became the star that we see today. From their soulful ballads to their impressive ways of vocalizing childhood trauma and various other feelings that people hardly can explain with words.

Since 2012, the numbers they have released were extremely enjoyable and relatable. On the verge of their next album release let’s take a step back and revoke the nostalgia of this eminent music artist and their contributions. Here are Sam Smith songs top 10, that can sooth your hearts with their enchanting vocals.


Like I Can: 

This was the final single from their ‘In The Lonely Hour’. Another of their brilliant black-and-white music video shows the ways they can propose to their significant partner. The impressive video followed by the gripping narration has always been one of their best releases of all time.


Dancing With A Stranger

This number has been a collaboration of the former Fifth Harmony vocalist Normani. This enchanting creation of two legendary artists of all time offers every music lover a piece of relishing music that has the power to keep you gripped and completely consumed throughout the 3 minutes.


Lay Me Down

This was the singer’s first major-label solo single released in February 2013. This sad ballad has been engraved in the mind of every music lover since then. Their voice vocalizing this gripping music was magical to witness.



This was the promotional number for their album ‘The Thrill Of It All’. And the relatable lyrics have made sure that this song stays with every listener throughout. This was another ballad that might have made you cry and soothed you for the best.


Fire On Fire

Just like maximum of their releases, this song is also a great narration and the beautiful track was a part of the Netflix remake of the Richard Adams classic ‘Watership Down’. A song that has been loved by young and old for its lines and for its perfectly composed and performed track. This dramatic soul-pop number was a blissful release by Sam Smith.


Love Me More

A ballad on mental health and body positivity! From the short phone recording to the lines like “Feeling like the mirror isn’t good for your health”, the songs have healed hearts and soothed souls with the warmth of their voices and their extremely magnificent lines on self-acceptance. His extremely compelling release was right before the singer dropped the legendary internet hit of all time.


Stay With Me

A gospel ballad that can be relatable for anyone ever been in love, the warmth of their voice has made the song more euphoric. Every time the singer uttered ‘Stay With Me’, somewhere everyone has pasteurized their loved ones. The pureness of a healing heart can only be found in those lines of begging or rather praying.


Too Good At Goodbyes

This song has secured the success of their second studio album, ‘The Thrill Of It All’. Their soothing lyricism has gracefully covered a heart-wrenching story behind these words ‘I’m Too Good At Goodbyes’. Even the breezy with a hint of that helicopter sound will stay prominent once the song has ended.


I’m Not The Only One

Before ‘Unholy’, this track has been showing the other of Unholy. The hurt and the trauma that a loving wife goes through them they came to know about their cheating husband. Another heart-tormenting number by the singer shows a sophisticated housewife and her day-to-day struggle to overcome the infidelity of her husband. And she kept on acting as if nothing has changed after all. Their voice truly was engraving the marks of wounds when the protagonist is still smiling while plagued by self-destructive thoughts.



In 2020, absolutely no one has skipped that song at least once. The gravitating number is showing the other side of ‘I’m Not The Only One’, the dirtier side, and the more quirky side. Their enigmatic voice for the first time has taken refuge in the unholy aspects of life which was the turning point for this English singer. The popularity of this prolific star was elevated overnight once the song got released. The sultry treat has been steaming up every music and video streaming platform to a great extent. Even the background dancers also have been extremely quirky in this jarring hit.

Words will always fall short when mentioning a huge star like Sam Smith hits list. The enormous star has been the voice of James Bond Sceptre’s ‘Writing On The Wall’. The gravity of their voice along with the soothing feeling the enchanting musician provides is truly enjoyable. From covering great numbers to remixes his discography holds a diversity of musical releases. Lastly, all the best! Superstar for your ‘Gloria’ can’t wait anymore.

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