Top 10 Songs by Adele that Captivate the Global Listeners

August 17, 2022 - Dj Life

Incredible singer and songwriter Adele has made some significant progress in her musical career with nothing but her talent, skills, and sheer will. The artist has released numerous tracks till now. Let’s take a better look at the top 10.


Woman Like Me

This single is appearing in Adele’s latest album ‘30’ and sets a new taste for the fans and followers. Instead of melancholic progress, this track consists of an invigorating essence that reflects women’s empowerment. Many critics believe that this is one of the clever diss tracks written by Adele that raises voices against past relationships and trauma. The singer has lashed out at her ex and his insecurities through the track and many other women listeners will find the context relatable. Adele’s magical vocals and hard-hitting lyricism make this single one of a kind.


Water Under the Bridge

‘Water Under the Bridge’ bridge appears on the third studio album by Adele, titled ‘25’. This sixth track from the album was written by Greg Kurstin. This is the first collaboration between Adele and Greg. The singer also said that it is one of the fastest-written tracks by Adele. The subject matter of the track revolves around Adele’s ex-relationship. The track is powerful enough to depict the intense turmoil of a relationship and Adele has done a remarkable job. Pop singer Kelly Clarkson has also covered this track during her talk show.


My Little Love

Just like the title suggests, this latest track is oriented toward the conversation between Adele and her little son. This soulful single is the third track appearing on Adele’s latest album ‘30’. In this song, Adele speaks about the separation from Simon Konecki, the father of her nine-year-old son Angelo. Somewhere between vulnerability and heart-wrenching emotions, the singer chose to be honest with her son and this single is the biggest proof of that.


Don’t You Remember

This track surfaced more than a decade ago and still is a favorite of the fans of Adele. It first appeared on the album ‘21’ in 2011. Written by Adele and Dan Wilson both, this song also contains a poetic lyrical approach that captivates the listeners. The subject matter of the track revolves around longing for loved ones. Perhaps, every person at least once in their life wanted to ask that same question to their long-gone beloved people, “Don’t You Remember?”


Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

It is another amazing composition by Adele, appearing on her third studio album ‘25’. Max Martin and Shellback have co-written this track with Adele and it was released in 2016. It is an upbeat, rhythmic pop single that offers an invigorating essence through its musical and lyrical approach. Many music critics have identified this single as standing out from the whole album of ‘25’. The track garnered a lot of attention within a few days of the release and ranked at the no. 5 spot in the UK top charts. The track has also premiered with an official music video that won MTV Video Music Awards for Best Visual Effects in 2016.


Hometown Glory

This song deserves a special mention as it is the debut track by Adele. This first single is a part of Adele’s first studio album ‘19’ which was released in 2007. Again in 2008, the song was re-released as the fourth track of the album. This song will always stay close to the singer’s heart as well as of fans since it is the first ever song that Adele came up with in the industry. The song was written right after the singer was going through a fair share of struggles in life. Intriguing lyrics and Adele’s amazing voice do not fail to churn out the essence of nostalgia with a dash of melancholy.


Easy on Me

‘Easy on Me’ is another single from Adele’s latest album ’30’ that was released in 2021. It song is finely calibrated and offers an indulgent musical experience with the mixed emotions of nostalgia, regret, and forgiveness. The emotive theme of the single is further complimented by the somber piano and adaptive bass beats. In this song, the singer has expressed her feelings in the post-divorce phase and asked her son to be more understanding of the situation. She is offering a gentle plea of going easy on her to her son Angelo. The track has made a record of garnering the most streams in a single day.



Let’s be honest! James Bond cinematic franchise is incomplete without an intriguing musical piece that enhances the thrill. Fortunately, Adele has performed the theme song ‘Skyfall’ for the namesake Bond Movie. Though the movie was released in 2012, the preparation for the song started quite early and Adele was spotted outside the Abbey Road Studios. The song received international acclaim and ranked at no.1 in 11 countries as well as became top in the UK Singles Chart and US Billboard Hot 100. It made sales of 7.2 million copies worldwide.


Someone like You

Written by Adele and Dan, this single appears in the second studio album, titled ‘21’. The track has been released under the label XL recordings and created a huge buzz among music lovers. The minimalistic sound design, Wilson’s piano skills, and Adele’s unwavering vocal skills have turned this single into a masterpiece. The subject matter of the track is based on the singer’s ex-boyfriend and the relationship. Due to its simple yet indulgent musical approach, the song was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2012.



‘Hello’ surely deserves to be on the top of the chart for its uniqueness and popularity among the mass audience. The track marked her comeback to the music scene after 3 long years of hiatus. The song is considered to be one of the greatest contributions by Adele that depicts a longing for home. The singer once said that the song is about reaching out to everyone, the people who are hurt. The official music video gained more than 23.2 million views within a single day. In Grammy Awards 2017, the song won the awards for Best Pop Solo Performance, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year.

Adele’s musical aura has stayed intact even though the singer has evolved through all these years. Her music is a reflection of her personality and it is something that every fan of the singer looks forward to. Hopefully, more songs by Adele will be released in the coming days.

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