Who Is the Richest BTS Member in 2022? Know the Individual Net Worth of Bangtan Sonyeondan Boys

October 29, 2022 - Dj Life

Finding a person who is not familiar with the name of BTS is hard work. Today, the boys are widely famous, created a worldwide phenomenon with their talent and music, and revived the K-Pop industry’s reach in the world. Every person, coming from the generations of Millennials or Gen-Z knows what BTS is which proves the power that these 7 members of the group hold currently over the world. The group has a fandom called A.R.M.Y which is said to be the biggest group of followers spread across the world. Naturally, they are supposed to be rich, but how rich are they?

 Debuted in 2013, the group is said to have around $100 million as their combined net worth. According to Forbes, their net worth jumped up twice from their net worth of $50 million in 2020. Apart from their shares at HYBE (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment), they also get revenues from album sales, both physical and digital, brand deals, world tours and concerts, merchandise, streams, and commercials. The sizable revenues from several sources make the band valuable, needless to say, the most valuable boy band in the world right now.

 In 2022, the band announced they are going on hiatus and the members are going to pursue their solo careers. However, individual members of the band have already established their personas in the industry which makes the fans wonder how much each member of the world’s biggest boy band is actually worth. How rich are they and who is the richest of them all? Read along because here you will get all the answers.



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 Jin, also known as Kim Seok-jin, is the oldest member of the group. Considering that, he is also the group’s ideal businessman. He comes from an affluent family and further made his fortunes with several business projects and music royalties. His net worth is around $20 million. He has released two solo tracks, ‘Abyss‘ and ‘Tonight‘. In 2018 he opened a Japanese restaurant in Korea and owns several apartment buildings in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul Space has described Jin as having an entrepreneurial spirit and he, himself stated in an interview with Wall Street Magazine that his family is all into business which makes a part of himself a businessman. Additionally, Jin also owns stocks of HYBE and gets royalties from the songs.



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 The internet’s crush V aka Kim Taehyung is the second-youngest member of BTS. he is also the most searched Asian celebrity on Google throughout the first half of 2022. The current net worth of V is said to be around $20-22 million. He mainly gets credits from his solo published music such as ‘Winter Bear‘, ‘Singularity‘, ‘Sweet Night’. He is the only member from the group who is interested in acting and has starred in the “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”, a period drama released in 2016.



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 The South Korean heartthrob, Jungkook is undoubtedly the most famous among all the other boys of BTS. He is often called the “Golden Maknae” of BTS as he possesses many great talents such as singing, dancing, and songwriting, and is the youngest in the group (“Maknae” is the Korean word for the youngest in a group). According to various news sites his net worth sits around $20-22 million. The multi-talented and the most famous member of the group has recently collaborated with the American singer-songwriter and composer Charlie Puth on a single ‘Left and Right’. He also gets royalties from BTS music, as a songwriter and individual artist. Jungkook also co-produced many of BTS’s music, including songs like ‘Magic Shop‘ and ‘Love Is Not Over‘.



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 Known for his elegant performing skills, dancing and eye-catching expressions, Park Ji-min aka Jimin of BTS takes the spot of four in this list. He, as a soloist has released songs like, ‘Filter‘, ‘Lie‘ and ‘Promise‘ and has created a separate spot in the BTS’s fandom, A.R.M.Y. He is reportedly worth $20-22 million which includes his ownership of several apartments in Seoul and one of them is in Nine One Hannam which is considered to be the “Beverly Hills” of Korea. Apart from owning stocks at HYBE, he also gets royalties from both the group’s and his solo music.



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Getting the third spot on this list, RM, or Rap Monster of BTS is also the group’s frontman. Just like every other member of BTS, he owns stocks of HYBE and gets royalties from the group’s music as well as his solo music. He has songwriting credits in over 130 songs and has put out two mixtapes by himself titled ‘RM‘ and ‘Mono‘. He has also worked with American Rapper Warren G on a solo mixtape. All these bring his net worth to a whopping $22 million.



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 Taking the second spot on the list, BTS’s Suga has a net worth of around $23-25 million. Before his debut with BTS, he started composing and producing at the age of 13 years. At only 17 years, he started working in a studio and has been part of huge hit tracks such as Lee So-Song RA’s ‘Request‘ and IU’s ‘Eight’. He is also known as a part of the rap trio of BTS including RM and J-Hope.



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Jung Ho-Seok, worldwide known as J-Hope, is the richest member of BTS according to Seoul Space and KpopStarz. His net worth is around $24-26 million. He worked on multiple BTS projects as a songwriter and producer and launched his solo career in 2018 with his solo mixtape ‘Hope World‘. He also collaborated with Becky G in Chicken Noodle Soup‘ which became a global smash hit.

According to sources, each member of BTS receives an additional annual salary of $8 million and has 68,000 shares of HYBE stock which translates to another $8 million.

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