32 Best Movies About The Navy

June 6, 2024 - Movies

There are a lot of great war movies out there, and a lot about military life. Movies about the Navy are especially interesting because there is such a tremendous diversity of what is told on the big screen. Whether it’s life as a pilot, a SEAL, or on a 19th-century ship, the stories are endless and endlessly interesting. Still, we managed to cut it down to 32 of the best movies about the Navy on this list. 

(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

The Hunt For Red October

While The Hunt For Red October’s main character is Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin), a CIA analyst, he’s a former Naval officer who finds himself in the midst of a submarine dispute and audiences get a broad look at navy life. Not only do we see U.S. aircraft carriers and submarines, but we get the Soviet side also, making it a great Navy movie. 

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