Angus Cloud’s Posthumous Performance Revealed in Your Lucky Day Trailer

October 7, 2023 - Movies

Late actor Angus Cloud, who played one of the lead characters in HBO’s hit teen series Euphoria, stars in the upcoming action thriller Your Lucky Day, one of his last projects before sadly passing away on July 31. Winning the lottery can be the best thing to ever happen in a person’s life. However, in Your Lucky Day, a winning ticket sets off a horrible chain of events on Christmas Eve. Directed by Daniel Brown, the film stars Cloud, Elliot Knight, Jessica Garza, Sterling Beaumon, Mousa Hussein Kraish, Spencer Garrett, and Jason O’Mara.

After its premiere on September 23rd at the 2023 Fantastic Fest, the film has released its trailer. Check it out below along with the synopsis and official poster:

The synopsis reads as follows:

“It’s a breath away from Christmas and six strangers have converged at a convenience store: the store owner, a wealthy man, pregnant couple, criminal, and rookie cop. Together, they witness the wealthy man wins $156 million in the lottery. At gunpoint the criminal demands the winning ticket. The cop tries to stop the robbery, he shoots first — accidentally killing the wealthy man. In the ensuing confusion, the criminal takes out the cop.

“The criminal persuades the group to join him in a pact. Money for a cover-up. But they have failed to notice that the cop is still alive. The cop contacts his father, himself an ex-cop, who lists his former partners, to help save his son and steal the winning ticket for themselves. A showdown is coming. Who will survive? And how far will all of them go to become a millionaire?”

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Remembering Angus Cloud and the American Dream

Your Lucky Day cast with Angus Cloud
Well Go USA

Beyond simply wanting to present a thrilling action movie, with Your Lucky Day, director Daniel Brown wanted to reflect on the cracks in society and class differences, and the impact they have on the daily lives of citizens who do not reach the high levels of the social sphere.

In an official statement, Brown explained his inspiration for the film, which he also wrote. “The American Dream can be a nightmare. We’ve been sold a myth that hard work alone will get you there, but NFL players go broke at about the same percentage as lottery winners: 70%. As the gap between the top and bottom widens, and we see the injustice of families unable to pay their medical bills while billionaires literally plot to live forever, our collective belief in this false dream is pitiable.” Brown continued:

Movies are for everyone, so the goal was to make a thrilling, fun and entertaining movie that could also be about something deeper — a look at one of those larger-than-life moments that we all hope for and ask, ‘Is this really worth it?’

The director also spoke about Angus Cloud, sharing an emotional message in tribute to the actor:

“Angus was the kindest person on set. Humble. Creative. He would openly celebrate everyone around him, from actors to PAs. He was always listening to others when all they really wanted to do was hear from him. On the long nights he’d be there shouting, ‘quiet on the set,’ to help our First AD or shoot a YouTube video with the caterer for his channel. He would take time to make others feel special. Seen. I will never get to watch the film with Angus, but I feel blessed to have had this brief time with him.”

Your Lucky Day is coming to theaters on November 10th and on digital on November 14th from Well Go USA.

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