As Wait For Invincible Season 2 Continues, Robert Kirkman Shares Exciting Plan For Future Seasons That Still Has Me A Little Worried

September 22, 2023 - Movies

It’s been more than two full years since Invincible Season 1 concluded, and although Amazon Prime Video subscribers were treated to the “Invincible: Atom Eve” special episode this past July, naturally a lot of anticipation for Season 2 has been built up. Fortunately for fans, that wait is almost over, as the first half of Invincible Season 2 a little over a month away from premiering. Naturally though, Invincible creator Robert Kirkman is looking much further ahead when it comes to the show, and while he has an exciting plan for future seasons, it has me a little bit worried.

Having written the entirety of the Invincible comic book series from 2003 to 2018, Kirkman is now overseeing the TV adaptation, which premiered on March 25, 2021. In addition to Season 2’s forthcoming arrival, Season 3 has already been greenlit, but as anyone familiar with the Invincible comic will tell you, it will take a long time to cover even roughly the same amount of ground laid by the source material. So when Polygon asked Kirkman was his “ideal big picture” is for the show, i.e. how many seasons he’ll need to properly tell this story, he answered:

I’m trying not to pin it down to a number, because it is somewhat of a moving target. I think in the seven-to-eight-season range seems like it would be enough. But there could be some things we move through a little faster, some things we expand. If we’re fortunate enough to go for a good long time, I think that would be enough to cover the entire comic. And there are some things along the way that didn’t get into the comic that I’d like to do. I think it’d be cool to have some episodes here and there that are completely original. So that’s part of the plan moving forward.

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