Chicago PD Showrunner Delivers Uncertain Updates on Hailey Upton’s Replacement

June 14, 2024 - Movies


  • Hailey Upton’s exit leaves the
    Chicago P.D.
    team in a state of flux, with potential replacements still up in the air.
  • Rumors circulate about Jon Seda’s possible return as Antonio Dawson, bringing a familiar face and reliable hand.
  • Chicago P.D.
    faces challenges of maintaining ensemble interactions amid cast changes that could impact storytelling.

Chicago P.D. showrunner Gwen Sigan recently revealed that the replacement for Hailey Upton in the upcoming twelfth season remains a decision yet to be made. This update follows the exit of Tracy Spiridakos, who played Upton, a key character on the show.

Chicago P.D. has seen its fair share of cast reshuffles over the years, each bringing a new dynamic to the team. With Upton’s exit, the expectation was that a new character would seamlessly take over her role. However, Sigan’s comments in an interview with TVLine have tempered those expectations.

“We don’t know yet. We get back in the [writers’] room next week, and there’s a lot that we’re going to figure out. I loved Petrovic on the show this season. I think that Bojana was such a pro and she made [the role] her own. There’s so much depth to that character and it was acted wonderfully.”

Spiridakos’ departure was preceded by Jesse Lee Soffer, who played her on-screen partner, Jay Halstead. Upton’s struggle with the dissolution of her relationship led her to exit for a much-needed fresh start. Her departure in the season 11 finale left a void in the team, sparking questions about who would step in to fill her shoes.

The Search for Stability as Chicago P.D. Faces Cast Changes

Upton has left shoes that will be tough to fill, particularly given her crucial role in stabilizing the unit during a period marked by significant transitions and challenges. With the team operating at a reduced capacity, following the unexpected exit of Jay Halstead and the dramatic events surrounding Hank Voight’s abduction, fans and characters feel the pinch of a shrinking core cast. One possibility for filling this gap lies in the potential return of Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson.

Dawson, a former mainstay of the unit, would bring a familiar face and a trusted hand back into the fold. His history with the team and proven reliability are exactly what Voight might need as he steers the team through these turbulent waters.


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For eleven electrifying seasons, Hank Voight and his resilient Intelligence Unit have helped keep the streets of Chicago clean from violent criminals.

Alternatively, the show might choose to solidify the position of Josephine Petrovic, a newer addition who has already begun to carve out her niche within the unit. Petrovic’s backstory of overcoming personal struggles with Upton’s support provides a compelling narrative arc. Her evolving relationship with the team and her potential as a full-time member, could offer a new yet familiar setting that might ease the transition for both the characters and the viewers.

However, beyond the immediate concern of filling Upton’s position lies a broader issue: the gradual erosion of the interplay among cast that originally defined Chicago P.D. The show has increasingly focused on individual characters, an approach that, while great for character development, risks isolating them from the ensemble interactions that many fans loved. This shift has led to an evident contraction in the scope and scale of the storylines, with fewer characters interacting in meaningful ways.

Spiridakos Opens Up About Her Decision to Leave Chicago P.D.

The exit of Tracy Spiridakos from Chicago P.D. marked the end of an era for her character, Detective Hailey Upton, as season 11 concluded. Fans initially speculated about potential behind-the-scenes drama, but Spiridakos clarified the nature of her departure during an interview with Variety. The actor said:

“It was a hard decision — very, very hard. I love everybody on the show — cast, crew, producers, writers, everybody. It’s such an incredible team. I was just curious what was out there for me and wanted to switch it up, and that was it.”

The decision to leave the series was solely her own, stemming from a desire for new experiences and professional growth. Spiridakos had already informed the showrunner, Gwen Sigan, of her intentions after the tenth season, indicating that her departure was well-considered and amicable.

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