Did Kim Min-Kyu Discover EXO Suho & Hong Ye-Ji’s Relationship?

May 25, 2024 - Movies

Missing Crown Prince episode 13 aired on Saturday, May 25, 2024, on MBN and Viki. Starring Suho (EXO member), Hong Ye-Ji, and Kim Min-Kyu, the K-drama focuses on Crown Prince Lee Gon in love with his enemy’s daughter.

In episode 12, royal physician Sang-Rok (Kim Joo-Heon) attempted to kill Crown Prince Lee Gon (Suho). His daughter Myung-Yoon’s (Hong Ye-Ji) interference saved Lee Gon. Towards the end of the episode, Queen Yoon killed the witness who held the evidence against Sang-Rok and Queen Dowager Min Soo-Ryun. Grand Prince Do Sung (Kim Min-Kyu) took the blame in front of Lee Gon to save his mother. However, the latter told everyone that he killed the witness.

The latest episode 13 begins with the royal officials reacting to Crown Prince Lee Gon’s confession. Queen Yoon and Do Sung want to reveal the truth, but Lee Gon stops them. While Do Sung is grateful to have a wonderful brother, he is shocked when he discovers Lee Gon’s relationship with Myung-Yoon. For context, Do Sung is in love with Myung-Yoon.

Missing Crown Prince episode 13 recap: Did Hong Ye-Ji leave Suho for good?

In Missing Crown Prince episode 13, Crown Prince Lee Gon protects his half-brother, Do Sung, and stepmother Queen Yoon. He takes the blame for killing the witness, leaving the royal court in shock. Some of the officials insist on taking strict actions. 

Meanwhile, Myung-Yoon barges into Queen Dowager Min Soo-Ryun’s chamber to discover why her father wants Lee Gon dead. She learns that the crown prince discovered Sang-Rok and Soo-Ryun’s affair and thus, Sang-Rok wanted to kill Lee Gon. This revelation breaks down Myung-Yoon, and she heads towards Lee Gon’s chamber in distress. Concerned, Do Sung follows her and witnesses the crown prince hugging Myung-Yoon.

Lee Gon seeks Sang-Rok’s bodyguard, Moo-Baek’s help, to escort Myung-Yoon out of the city. Meanwhile, Sang-Rok requests Do Sung to ask the crown prince to send Myung-Yoon to her home. Initially, Do Sung acts as if he doesn’t know about the situation. Sang-Rok then tries to manipulate him, mentioning that Lee Gon has kept Myung-Yoon in his chamber for a few days. After a while, Lee Gon summons Do Sung and tells everything, adding that the latter should escort her out of the palace. 

Before leaving, Myung-Yoon and Lee Gon spend an intimate time together. They create a painting showcasing their love for each other. They wonder if things could have been fine if Myung-Yoon was not Sang-Rok’s daughter. They bid farewell to each other with a kiss.

While the two brothers believe she is safe, Myung-Yoon decides to head home and face the consequence of being Sang-Rok’s daughter.

Missing Crown Prince episode 13 ending: Hong Ye-Ji learns her father, Kim Joo-Heon, is her mother’s killer

Missing Crown Prince episode 13 further features Queen Dowager Soo-Ryun taking action against the crown prince. As Lee Gon has confessed to killing the witness, he is punished with a royal decree. He has been demoted and renamed Grand Prince Soo Seong.

After the royal decree, Soo-Seong/Lee Gon gained the officials’ trust and confidence in the royal court. His actions confuse Sang-Rok and Soo-Ryun, making them wonder about his next step. 

On the other hand, Myung-Yoon’s family bodyguard, Moo-Baek, tries to make her understand her father’s true face. However, Myung-Yoon does not listen to him and says she will not escape the consequences. She refuses to leave Sang-Rok alone to save herself. Eventually, Moo-Baek reveals that Sang-Rok has killed innocent people, including Myung-Yoon’s mother.

The episode ends with Myung-Yoon confronting her father about the same. Sang-Rok admits, “Yes. You are right. I killed her.”

 Meanwhile, Missing Crown Prince airs twice weekly on Saturday and Sunday on MBN and Viki.

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