I Did Not Have Jamie Lee Curtis Praising Pamela Anderson For Her Fashion Week Look On My Bingo Card This Week

October 7, 2023 - Movies

Often when celebrities make a splash during fashion week, it’s for some over-the-top ensemble or risqué look we haven’t seen before. However, Pamela Anderson proved her icon status by making headlines for the exact opposite reason — going makeup-free to the shows at Paris Fashion Week. Of all of the reactions to the au naturel look, I didn’t expect to see Jamie Lee Curtis jump in to celebrate the Baywatch alum, but that is exactly what happened, and I am here for this lovely show of support.

Pamela Anderson posted a “Get Ready With Me” video on Instagram ahead of the Vivienne Westwood fashion show in Paris, declaring herself “makeup-free, liberated, and happier than ever.” In the video she explained why she was forgoing the glam treatment, and her words must have resonated with Jamie Lee Curtis. The Everything Everywhere All at Once actress posted screenshots from the GRWM with some quotes that she seemed to find particularly inspirational. Check it out below: 

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