Is Emma Roberts Playing Mary Parker, Spider-Man’s Mom?

November 17, 2023 - Movies

After reports and rumors of Emma Roberts playing Mary Parker, Spider-Man’s mother, in Madame Web began floating around the web, fans are curious about whether or not that is the case. Here is what you need to know.

Is Emma Roberts playing Mary Parker?

Emma Roberts has not been confirmed to be playing Mary Parker in Madame Web, as of this writing.

However, according to a report from The Cosmic Circus in August 2022, the same source which reported that Adam Scott would be essaying the role of Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben, Emma Roberts will be reportedly playing Mary Parker, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man’s mother in the film. The report further states that Roberts’ Mary Parker will be pregnant in the film, which was evident by leaked set photos, although it is unclear where her husband and Peter’s father, Richard, is and who will be playing him.

Another report from The Cosmic Circus predicts that Emma Roberts’ Mary and Adam Scott’s Ben Parker would be targeted by Ezekiel Simms in order to prevent Peter Parker’s birth in the film and his subsequent existence, akin to the time-travel/existence prevention plot followed by the Terminator franchise.

Despite these reports from The Cosmic Circus, fans should take it with a huge grain of salt as Sony Pictures has not confirmed Roberts’ portrayal of Mary Parker in the film.

Although it has not been confirmed, a recent behind-the-scenes featurette released alongside the first trailer of Madame Web showed a brief backshot of Roberts’ character attending a party, which could be a baby shower, hinting that she could be playing the pregnant Mary Parker in the film.

As of now, the only thing known about Roberts’ yet-to-be-confirmed character in Madame Web is that she is not a superhero. In an appearance on the Shut Up Evan podcast, Roberts stated the following, without divulging too much about her role:

“What I can tell you is I’m not a superhero. Some people may think she’s a superhero but not… like I don’t have supernatural powers. So I can tell you that.”

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