Jamie Lee Curtis’ New Halloween Trilogy Is Over, But The Horror Franchise May Already Be Moving Forward

September 25, 2023 - Movies

Last year, the third installment in David Gordon Green’s Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends was released. The trilogy starred Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her character, Laurie, from John Carpenter’s original 1978 Halloween film. The horror flick was meant to finally conclude the franchise once and for all, by using “Ends” in the title and Curtis’ departure. However it seems like the profitable IP may just be too profitable, as Miramax is shopping around for another buyer for the rights. 

In an exclusive report published by horror site Bloody Disgusting, Miramax, one of the production companies behind Halloween, is currently selling the rights to the horror series. This has reportedly led to a major bidding war between different production companies seeking to give the slasher franchise a new life once again. There have been numerous iterations of the movies over the years, but apparently there’s still strong interest in the franchise. 

The David Gordon Green trilogy was produced in partnership with Blumhouse Productions, one of the leading horror production companies, and was distributed by Universal. After Halloween Ends was released, so was the franchise from its distribution and production partners. Therefore, Miramax is able to shop around for a new company to revamp the Halloween movies. This would include not only cinematic potential, but also the possibility of new Michael Myers related content made for television.

Michael Myers in Halloween Ends

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

The reinvention of beloved horror franchises for television is a major trend, so this idea isn’t exactly unheard of. Hulu made the scary writings of Stephen King into a series titled Castle Rock, and the Friday the 13th franchise is reinventing their source material with Crystal Lake, a summer camp style series that will be available for on Peacock. The television prospect also doesn’t rule out another film adaptation of Halloween down the road, as Miramax seems to be open to all possibilities. 

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