Loki Costume Designer Discusses The ‘Funny’ Aspect Of Designing Sylvie’s McDonald’s Uniform

October 28, 2023 - Movies

Loki Season 2 – which is currently streaming new episodes for anyone with a Disney+ subscription – reacquainted viewers with a number of the characters they met in the first season. Among them is Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie, the God of Mischief’s female variant who has issues with the Time Variance Authority. She’s had an interesting arc thus far in these recent installments thus far, and the season kicked off with her landing in the ‘80s and working at a McDonald’s. As part of her gig, she had to wear the fast food chain’s uniform from that time period. Series costume designer Christine Wada spoke to CinemaBlend about how she and her team designed the vintage fit and revealed  the “funny” aspect of putting it together. 

Those who frequented Mickey D establishments back in the day surely know the company’s employees used to sport very distinct uniforms. The duds had a distinct shade of red, which was mixed with white stripes. And of course, there’s also that headgear faithful workers had to wear. Christine Wada and her collaborators did an awesome job emulating the look, and I couldn’t help but ask about the work while chatting with her over Zoom. The veteran costume designer explained that quite a bit went into recreating the work attire, but she had a key resource at her disposal:

Well, I had a handbook that outlined what that uniform looked like, which ended right at the year that McDonalds’ stopped using that uniform – right on the year that we see Sylvie. But we actually had to sublimate, which means we had to print that stripe on a polyester. Thank God, because you really have to always sublimate on polyester. … That’s a little minutiae detail there. But we printed that stripe and then had to build the whole thing.

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