Predator’s New Armor Is the Coolest in Franchise History

October 13, 2023 - Movies


  • The newest Marvel Predator comic features the best-looking Predator armor yet, drawing inspiration from decorative samurai armors.
  • The story takes place in 2056, where a woman named Theta hunts down Predators to avenge her family’s death.
  • Theta faces off against a particularly brutal and powerful Predator in physical combat, but with the help of a special forces team, she defeats it, though it is not the one responsible for her family’s death.

The Predators of the film franchise have faced many designs and makeovers throughout their decades-long history, but the latest armor seen in the pages of the newest Marvel Comic series might be the coolest design yet.

First scheduled to be released in 2021, legal issues saw the delay of Marvel’s Predator series, with Predator #1 finally released in July 2023. Written by Ed Brisson and with art by Kev Walker, the new Predator series takes place in the year 2056, when humanity has developed technology capable of interstellar travel. A young woman named Theta prowls the galaxy in her own ship, hunting down Predators in the hopes of catching the one who killed her family years ago. In Predator #4, Theta discovers her hunt has attracted a pair of Predators now tracking her down, and must face the alien warriors in physical combat.

Predator in Samurai Armor Attacks Theta in Marvel Comic

It’s here where readers see what is undoubtedly the best-looking Predator armor the franchise has debuted to date, as the last surviving Predator promises to test Theta’s fear, as much as her fighting skills.

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The New Predator Armor is Its Most Terrifying Yet

Samurai Predator Beats Theta in Marvel Comic

Ever since the Predator franchise expanded beyond the initial 1987 film, the franchise has been bustling with various designs on the antagonistic alien species. Numerous Predators have been designed for movie sequels, video games, toy-lines and comic books, each putting a unique spin on Stan Winston’s classic design. Theta herself has her own impressive-looking Predator armor, allowing her to go head-to-head with the deadly hunters. But the armor worn by the Predator in this most recent issue might top them all. This Predator’s armor is a fearsome look, drawing heavily from more decorative samurai armors with an intimidating faceplate and spiky helm. The armor goes a long way in telling readers that this particular Predator is a brutal new combatant intended to test Theta like none other before.

Stretched to her limits, Theta is almost overpowered by the Predator, before she gets some help from a special forces team, and thankfully (for the entire universe) blows the Predator into smithereens. Unfortunately, this nightmare’s death does not offer any closure to Theta, since this Predator is not the one reponsible for killing her parents. Theta’s quest for revenge leads her to new threats, and new enemies, but this armored Predator remains seared in both her memory and that of the readers.

Predator #4 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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