Terrifer 3 Posters Teases Festive Sequel

October 28, 2023 - Movies

Terrifier 2 returns to theaters next week with a first trailer for Terrifier 3 included, but Screambox has given a big hint about the sequel’s direction in the Terrifer 3 poster.

Terrifer 3 Poster a Festive Work of Art

Screambox gave a first look at the free Terrifier 3 poster that theater attendees will get when watching Terrifier 2 on the big screen on November 1, 2023. It shows the sadistic Art the Clown wielding an axe in a grisly twisted Christmas scene.

So it seems that after haunting Halloween, Art is taking on Christmas and all things merry. If the poster indicates anything that might be in the final film, then some poor guy in a Santa costume is getting turned into a makeshift beard for Art.

The sequel to the ultra-gory slasher hit Terrifier was written and directed by Damien Leone (All Hallow’s Eve). The film marked the next horrifying chapter in the Art the Clown saga; in which the demonic killer, portrayed by David Howard Thornton, returns with a vengeance. Lauren LaVera became a breakout star, and fans worldwide embraced her as the next Final Girl. Terrifier veteran Samantha Scaffidi reprised her role as Victoria Heyes, and horror icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) & professional wrestler Chris Jericho (AEW). Terrifier 2 was first released in theaters in October 2022, and on a budget of $250,000, it ended up pulling in over $11 Million at the domestic box office

The only other things we know about Terrifier 3 are that Lauren LaVera returns as Sienna, and it won’t be doubling down on the fantasy element of Terrifier 2.

Tickets are on sale now wherever movie tickets are sold – Fandangothe official website, and Atom Tickets.

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