Today’s Connections Hints & Answers For July 12, 2024 (Puzzle #396)

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A good riddle to get your day started is good, but so is starting off your day with a Connections puzzle, which is quite like a riddle if you think about it. Riddles often have hidden messages, a lot of wordplay, and take a bit of cunning to decipher, which are all the things you need to be an expert at Connections. However, you can also hedge your bets and get some good tricks from us as well, making it easier to keep your streak.

If you have been having fun with Connections, you will likely enjoy the Wordle puzzle just as much. Solving a Wordle puzzle can be equally challenging, as you have to build a word from the ground up, attempting to figure out which letters belong in which places as you do. Your first guess should always be something that can eliminate as many letters as possible, allowing you to make better decisions and better choices in the next round.


10 Best Connections Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Four categories with four words each sounds simple, but the daily challenge of the Connections game can prove difficult without a few tips to help.

Today’s Connections Category Hints

JULY 12 #396

If you are looking to make Connections between words, you will be searching for a way to categorize them, It’s human instinct, driven by a need to survive and putting things into separate categories as a way to understand them. If we were not so good at it, it’s unlikely we would even be able to speak language today.





Today’s Connections Answers

JULY 12 #393

Yellow Answers: Revealed & Explained






It’s another school category this week, and this time it is about the rooms within a school rather than the supplies you take with you. This one we felt pretty good about, given there are no other room-based words in the puzzle today. This made us feel quite confident and luckily it did not backfire on us this time.

Green Answers: Revealed & Explained






As it turns out, a newspaper and the Connections puzzle are not the only things that are black, white, and red. Today Connections is here to remind us that not everything is as obvious as it seems, and BLACK and RED can be associated with a game all on their own. EVEN and ODD was a bit deceiving if you are not a gambler, but they were also the only words that fit as an equal “opposite” pair to the two colors.


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Blue Answers: Revealed & Explained






This one stumped us for a fairly decent amount of time as we tried to figure out the last word. CHOCOLATE and PEACE kind of seemed to go together – they are both things that make us happy. PIGEON was quite odd here in that context, and SOAP made very little sense with any of the words without the “Dove” association being known. Unfortunately, this caused us to run out of guesses, but it means you have a heads-up to know why these things go together.

Purple Answers: Revealed & Explained






We had already run out of guesses before we even got to this one, but we did mistakenly think SOAP and SILLY might go together. Looking at it with new eyes and with some hindsight, GOLDEN, MOTHER, and SILLY might have been a tip-off if we had read them more carefully. GREY is not as well known but we do have a lot of knowledge about fairy tales, we just did not have it ready when we needed it.

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