What Happened To Sean Milliken From My 600-Lb Life After The Show

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  • Sean Milliken’s weight-loss journey on My 600-lb Life had ups and downs. He later passed away.
  • His relationship with food, stemming from childhood trauma, led to significant weight gain. He used food to soothe his troubled soul.
  • Sean lived with food addiction and what happened to him is very sad. He is missed by friends, family, and fans.

Sean Milliken made his TLC debut in 2016 on My 600-lb Life, as Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s patient. His stint on the reality TV show is over, and fans want to know what’s been going on with him. After he filmed the weight-loss-centered series, he was able to shed over 400 lbs. Unfortunately, that body makeover journey ended in 2019.

When Sean first appeared on My 600-lb Life, he admitted that the reason why he joined the cast in the first place was his troubled relationship with food. He said that while he was growing up, he never had a good relationship with his father – he ate too much because it comforted him.

At that point in his life, nothing mattered to him but food – eating was the only thing that made him feel happy.


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Sean Milliken’s Weight Loss Journey With Dr. Now Went From Success To Tragedy

Dr. Now Couldn’t Help Sean Milliken

Sean lost 400 of his 900+ lbs. He hit that goal after he moved to Houston to be with his mother, Renee Milliken. Many people considered her an enabler. In a summer episode of My 600-lb Life: Where are They Now?, there was an update about Sean. He explained that he had just lost his mom, and was struggling to cope with not having her in his life.

Unfortunately, she passed away due to renal failure, and this left Sean devastated.

While dealing with his grief, Sean kept trying to stick to a healthier lifestyle. However, in the end, Dr. Now wasn’t able to help Sean. He passed away on February 17, 2019. His death was the result of a heart attack linked with an infection. Before his tragic passing, his breathing was labored. In fact, doctors had to revive him when he stopped breathing. He’d gained close to 300 pounds in the months leading up to his death, so his passing was definitely related to his obesity.

People who are obese should seek help from doctors. Visceral fat around organs can trigger metabolic syndromes, and there are a lot of other risk factors linked with obesity, such as increased chances of having heart attacks or strokes.

Why Did Fans Judge Sean Milliken’s Mother?

She Gave Him Food When He Needed To Diet

When Sean met with Dr. Now, the respected bariatric surgeon believed that he might be the heaviest person alive, as per the clip shown above. Weighing in at 919 pounds, he needed to eat less in order to survive. However, his mother continued to give him food. She’s his mom – denying him what he wanted so badly would be very painful for her.

She gave in, offering her son high-calorie foods in large portions. While she does deserve the enabler label, one has to consider the fact that Sean, although an adult who was 26 years old, was still her baby. She may have found it too hard to say no.

Nonetheless, in this situation, tough love was definitely needed. Sean was having significant health problems as a result of his weight. Even getting cleaned up was an epic challenge due to extreme mobility issues. With this type of super morbid obesity, the skin can develop small tears. Leg pain due to swelling is also common. Sean dealt with both problems and others. His issues made him reclusive – in fact, he didn’t really leave his home for eight years.

By the age of nine, Sean weighed 150 pounds. So, clearly, his issues with food (and his dynamic with his mother) were intertwined. Even in his early years, he ate far too much. His penchant for caramel sundaes and pizza was perhaps a reflection of deep-seated psychological problems. Most people crave these foods but don’t consume them in such large quantities.

When he was younger, Sean had trouble managing his emotions. He was battling aggression. Sean would lash out at others. When his parents split up, a more pronounced downward spiral began. When he met Dr. Now, he was so heavy that he had to lie down during the ride to the clinic – that was the only way he could travel, and the trip was physically painful for him.

Those who rake his mother over the coals at Reddit believe that she used food to control him. They think she overfed him so he’d always stay with her. Dr. Now did see the warning signs, believing that Sean might pass away if he didn’t change. Sadly, his intuition was correct. As per a Reddit thread started by deleted, Sean’s mother was considered part of the problem:

I blame the mother. She worked against the doctor. She fed her precious child after a sprained ankle to the point of no return. She could have put a stop to it at any time. She was selfish and downright evil for encouraging him to eat so much and being inactive for years.

The comment shown above is unkind. It’s true that his mother didn’t do what was right. However, that doesn’t mean that she was evil. Sometimes, weaknesses in people’s personalities lead to bad decisions. The mom’s desire to please her child may have led her astray.

My 600-Lb Life’s Sean Milliken’s Death Is Mourned By Fans

sean milliken my 600 lb life in bed crocheting CROPPED

Since his passing, fans have shared their condolences, and the network also honored Sean. He wasn’t perceived as a villain like Justin and Steven Assanti were. In a statement released by said network, representatives showed concern for the late reality celeb’s family and friends. Sean’s passing came a few months after two other My 600-lb Life alums, James “L.B” Bonner and reality star Lisa Fleming, passed away.

Many people featured on the show have serious problems, including depression. As cameras follow them, they showcase an array of emotions, most of which are negative. Since their addictions are so ingrained, overcoming them is very difficult. Sometimes, it’s impossible. These patients deserve compassion. It’s easier to judge those who fail to eat “normally” than it is to feel for them. However, there may be serious mental health issues at play, which drive them to self-destruct. Their stories are actually extremely sad.

Sean will be remembered and missed by viewers, as well as those who knew him off-screen. He brought positive energy while appearing on the series – My 600-lb Life fans will never forget that. It’s tragic that Sean passed on at the young age of 29, but hopefully, he’s in a much better place now, alongside his mom, Renee.

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