Why Did The Islanders Vote To Eliminate Andrea?

June 27, 2024 - Movies


  • Andrea’s elimination surprised the Islanders. Rob and Andrea were deemed the least favorite couple.
  • Leah’s manipulative tactics led to Andrea’s elimination – Rob threatened to leave.
  • Andrea was mean to Hannah.

Andrea Carmona entered the Love Island USA season 6 villa as a bombshell on day six, and was recently eliminated, much to the surprise of many Islanders. When Andrea entered the villa with Nicole Jacky, they were immediately asked to kiss two castmates. Andrea picked Rob Rausch and Love Island USA star Aaron Evans, and later went on dates with Rob and Aaron. After establishing a deeper connection with Rob, she decided to pursue him during a recoupling ceremony. She subsequently stole him away from Leah Kateb. Leah never seemed to get over Rob, despite recoupling with Connor Newsum.

During the most recent elimination, voting lines were opened to the public before the release of episode 12, giving voters an opportunity to rank their favorite and least favorite couples. Rob and Andrea, Kendall and Nicole, and JaNa and Hakeem were voted the show’s least favorite couples. Once these results were announced, the show’s new host, Ariana Madix, turned the tables on the remaining couples and gave them the power to make a decision about which man and woman would be eliminated. Hakeem was chosen by the men, but much to everyone’s surprise, Andrea was chosen by the women.


Love Island USA Season 6: Did Rob Blindside Leah? (He Gaslit Her)

On Love Island USA Season 6, Rob and Leah had a strong bond until bombshell Andrea entered the villa. Then, everything began to change.

Leah Had An Ulterior Motive

She Saw An Opportunity To Take Rob Back

Although the vote was unanimous, Leah told Rob that she’d taken a back seat in terms of Andrea’s elimination. The vote came as a shock to Rob and the rest of the cast, given that he and Andrea were one of the more established couples in the villa. With Hakeem being announced first for elimination, the islanders assumed that the women would vote JaNa out of the villa with him, since they were coupled up together at the time. With Leah, Kaylor, Serena and Liv voting between JaNa, Nicole and Andrea, the choice seemed clear.

Rob threatened to leave the villa before accusing Kaylor, Serena and Liv of having a vendetta against Andrea, claiming that they sympathized with Leah. He wondered if Leah voted for Andrea to spite him, but was told by Leah that this wasn’t true. That all changed when Liv told Rob that Leah did not, in fact, take a back seat during the vote. He was in the front seat, leading the charge for Andrea. Rob was shocked to receive this information – he was thrown off by Leah’s manipulative tactics. Leah simply wanted Andrea out of the way.

They Felt JaNa Deserved Another Chance

JaNa Was Not Having Much Luck In The Villa

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Ever since entering the villa on day 1, JaNa has been one of the most compelling new singles. JaNa initially connected with Coye Simmons before deciding to break it off on account of his poor communication skills. That freed her up to pursue a connection with Connor during a recoupling ceremony. JaNa and Connor seemed to be a harmonious pairing until Connor and Leah began displaying interest in one another – leading JaNa to pursue Hakeem. She even tried to pursue Miguel, one of the newest bombshells, by cooking him eggs while he was talking to Serena.

JaNa hasn’t had the best luck while looking for love in the villa. Most of her matches have fallen apart, either due to communication issues, distractions, or a general lack of compatibility. She has not given up and has remained graceful and optimistic with every twist and turn, while also extending compassion and understanding to her fellow islanders. She does this even when they betray her or stand in the way. Leah, Serena and Liv likely felt that they had a debt to repay JaNa, as they all pursued the same men in the villa. They walked away with more secure matches.

Andrea Was Not Nice To Hannah

Andrea Mocked Hannah’s Physical Appearance

Before Hannah Smith was eliminated, she sought to gain the attention of the villa’s newest bombshell, Miguel Harichi, whom almost all the other women in the villa also found appealing. During episode 10, Hannah exercised with Miguel in the morning, making him laugh because she wasn’t that athletic. While watching Miguel and Hannah work out, Andrea and Nicole were captured laughing together as they criticized Hannah, saying it was wild because that was probably the first time Hannah had ever worked out in the villa. Miguel ended up coupling with Liv but Andrea’s comment still felt very mean-spirited.

Hannah was very close to the other women in the villa, so there’s a chance that Leah, Serena, Kaylor and Liv wanted to stand in solidarity with her. Though it was never confirmed if they knew about Andrea’s comments regarding Hannah’s physical appearance, they might have felt a general demeanor of disapproval coming from Andrea, directed toward Hannah, which rubbed them the wrong way. With the opportunity to remove negative energy from the villa, the women might have felt that it would be in the best interest for the rest of the cast.

Andrea Was A Threat

They Knew That Bombshells Might Favor Andrea

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When Miguel entered the villa as a new bombshell, he was given the opportunity to kiss all the women as they stood blindfolded, tasked with ranking each kiss on a scale from 1 to 10. That was his introduction to the villa, and as he made his rounds, Miguel stopped in front of Andrea and said he had to “take his time with this one. It was clear that Miguel felt Andrea was a stand-out, and his comment may have cultivated a competitive spirit in the women which went under the radar, but nonetheless could have festered.

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It is unclear if the women voted to eliminate Andrea as a way of standing out to the next round of incoming bombshells. Three new bombshells entered the villa in episode 14, two of which were men. With many islanders still single in the villa, all eyes will be on the bombshells and what happens next for them. Rob is still in the villa and has decided not to leave Love Island USA. Though he hasn’t shot down a chance with Leah, he seems to remain heartbroken over Andrea’s elimination and could leave the villa at any time.

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