Why I’m More Excited For The Marvels’ Big Ending Tease Than Any Of The Multiverse Stuff

November 12, 2023 - Movies

The following contains major spoilers for The Marvels.

After far too many delays The Marvels is finally here and, while critics seem to be split on the movie, I really enjoyed it overall. I didn’t write the CinemaBlend review for this cosmic adventure, but I agree with it. It was hard for me not to have a great deal of fun with Nia DaCosta‘s flick, and the chemistry between the three leads was perfect. Of course, as with many Marvel films, a lot of the buzz isn’t about the movie itself, but the future it teases. In the case of this latest Marvel Cinematic Universe installment, fans got two teases, but I am far more excited about one than the other.

The Marvels mid-credits scene — which saw Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau rescued by and recuperating alongside the X-Men of an alternate universe — was fun. I enjoyed seeing the return of Kelsey Grammer as Beast as much as anybody but, for me, the far bigger deal wasn’t the scene during the credits — it was the Marvels ending itself. That provided us with a tease of where Kamala Khan’s story arc is going, and I am officially excited about what could happen in upcoming Marvel movies or shows.

Hailee Steinfeld in Hawkeye

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A New Avengers Team Is Beginning To Assemble

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