Alice Phoebe Lou – Shelter :: Indie Shuffle

March 27, 2023 - Music

Hidden and Safe

Alice Phoebe Lou provides comfort with “Shelter” — a warm, soft-spoken track that sits next to you at the beachfront.

Alice Phoebe Lou has always been a master of the subtle, the calm, the floaty, and the heartfelt, and “Shelter” is no exception. It’s a dream-pop anthem filled with folky guitars, wavey vocals, and a soft, guarding narrative. The track breaks the boundaries of its set sound with soft reaches into new instrumentations, a melodic shift, or a lyrical change up, but it doesn’t do too much and keeps itself perfectly blissful and calm.

“Shelter” is a beautifully calm experience for any weekend sunset or beachfront book – it’s warm, comforting, and magical – it’s pure Alice Phoebe Lou.

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