Amos The Kid – Enough as it Was :: Indie Shuffle

April 4, 2023 - Music

Amos The Kid keeps us pacing with a driving force ignited by the chaos of anxiety – and, just like that, I let this indie rock track wash all over my mind.

There is a build to “Enough as it Was” that hits me right in the centre of my mind, it’s an anxious build that grows like a thinker pacing, pacing in their room because sleep escapes them, and instead of going to bed, instead of trying to find a space of calm, we indulge in the chaos of our thoughts and the guitars build, the drums slam harder, the bass drives and the vocals shout.

We release all that anxiety in a joyous aggression, a joyous rebellion and a final ignition that burns all the pain away.

‘Enough as it Was” is anxious poetry.

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