ANIMA! – Let It Go

November 26, 2022 - Music

Sounds like:
Pollyn, Little Dragon, Made In Heights


ANIMA! – Let It Go

What’s so good?

I really like this band, and have liked them for many years. They've got a knack for combining beautiful and haunting vocals with absolutely incredible soundscapes.The song starts in somewhat typical ANIMA! fashion: broody with an abundance of instrumental intricacy. From there it builds and builds and builds until it breaks into a bit of an indietronic dance at around the 1:05 mark. There's a hint of pop about it all, but it always comes back to something that steers clear of being too simple. And I think that's what I like most about their style."Let It Go" comes as part of the multi-city duo's upcoming album Not At This Time, due for release in January of 2023.

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