Beach For Tiger – Craving :: Indie Shuffle

September 19, 2022 - Music

As the second single from Beach For Tiger’s forthcoming EP, “Craving” stirs its namesake within the audience.

Due to this song, I was contemplating craving as a concept. It’s a funny thing, really. By its very nature, it makes one preoccupied with an object, out there, which holds the promise of satisfaction. The mechanics of it, keep our minds turned toward the object, and very rarely, do we get or take the opportunity to look back at craving itself. Craving is always the same, though the object in which it seeks its satisfaction is always changing.

Beach For Tiger’s “Craving” calls forth its satisfaction in the excitement of new love. Delivered with a woozy-come-bluesy vocal style amidst the backdrop of a stinging high hat that catches my ear, it seems as though my craving for good music has been satisfied by this song. I hope and trust it does the same for you.

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