Billy Hammer – mushroom :: Indie Shuffle

July 12, 2022 - Music

There are people in this world, not all but many, who take to the metaphorical ‘mountains.’ That mountain is different for everyone. For some, it’s travel, for others, it’s solitude. The forms that it can take are endless. Billy Hammer, the Topanga-living artist, and I seem to have taken to solitude in nature, amidst actual mountains, as our proverbial mountain.

“mushroom” is a track from Billy Hammer’s EP, MOTHER —a project inspired by living in a trailer in the Santa Monica Mountains for the last year. “mushroom” is a song that feels like an ode to the artist’s teacher. Imagine the beauty within the state of mind as he created this — reverence, devotion, gratitude.

I love music that transcends mundanity, and with an EP named MOTHER comprised of meaningful track titles, and repleat with beautiful and thought-provoking samples, BIlly Hammer has put something out into the world that does just that. So it is with gratitude that I write and publish this review. I hope you feel it too.

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